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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 4 May 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries You have wonderful contacts between planets in your career and reputation zone and your finance and money zone throughout this week, bringing positive energy and rewards to you. Don’t get derailed by confusion over messages or communication gone astray – all will be resolved.

Taurus This is a big week for Taurus people as you have several planets making positive contacts, bringing opportunities and also a new phase in a personal relationship or two. A good time for being clear headed and calm as your emotions may lead you off in the wrong direction completely.

Gemini Romance may be a little bit confusing -especially if you have a hunch that things aren’t quite as they seem. A good talk may clear the air, but people’s actions will be a better indicator than promises or just words. Your work and career may go through a few phases over coming weeks.

Cancer An excellent week for making plans with your significant other -especially regarding future dreams and long-term plans. A great time for creating five-year plans, bucket lists and strategies for getting what you want together. Children or babies may bring a pleasant surprise.

Leo Your career sector has a cluster of planets activating strong energies around your work and public reputation. There may be new opportunities and it is an excellent time for revising your CV and sending off applications for new jobs. Home and family matters may become emotional.

Virgo Putting your own needs last and trying to please everyone else is a recipe for disaster. While compromise and give and take are a part of life, you should not compromise what is important to your life and happiness. Working to find a middle ground is the best path.

Libra A great week for you financially as the Full Moon on Thursday brings your money

matters to a peak. Home and family will be a source of happiness and now is a great time for you to invest in property or a new home – but only if you can afford it easily. Loans applications are likely to be approved.

Scorpio The Full Moon in your sign opposing a cluster of planets in your relationship zone make this an interesting week for all your dealings with others. A good time for negotiations and making plans, just stay rational and calm and don’t get too emotional if you need to compromise.

Sagittarius This is a great week for your work and daily life and also for your finances. You have wonderful stars around money all week, especially money that comes through your work or through making lifestyle changes. Venus brings a lot of happy vibes and romance to your relationship zone.

Capricorn Being creative and finding new ways of expressing yourself will be very rewarding this week. Writing is especially favoured, so put pen to paper – even if it is just a journal. Be cautious with medications and keep an eye on your drinking as you may be more strongly affected than usual.

Aquarius An excellent week for making plans and laying foundations for your future. You have excellent stars for your career – perhaps a new phase is opening up here. Your family and home life are also showing to be very happy – with purchases for the home and garden indicated.

Pisces A good week for love and an even better week for getting your ideas and thoughts out there – or for having a meaningful discussion with either a partner, friend or boss about the future. Loving beautiful Venus is resident your home and family sector bringing happy times.


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