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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 4 November 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries Pay close attention to your intuition this week as your hunches are likely to be proven correct – especially where someone new is concerned. Some money you have waited for will arrive, which will soon be spent on some gorgeous must-haves. Love stars are excellent for single Aries.

Taurus Your day to day work is looking as though it will be pleasant and free from stress, making the 9-5 days go quicker and happier. Pets are good energy for you at the moment, so lavish some attention on your furry friend – or perhaps go to the pound and adopt a pet in need.

Gemini Confusion about your career direction will start to clear this week as a new acquaintance introduces you to some different possibilities. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as your dream job could be closer than you think. But don’t tell the world about your plans just yet.

Cancer You may get some good news about your work or a new job that will mean more money or professional credibility for you this week. A romantic interest may have some news for you, or you may hear some interesting information about them. You will be very busy and productive.

Leo This is a week when dreams may come true, especially on Saturday evening making you very happy. Tune into your psychic dreams and hunches through meditation or perhaps get a psychic reading. It seems that the answer to your problem will be found by following your feelings.

Virgo You will want to have some clarity in your relationships this week, although partnerships are under a bit of a fog at the moment so just trusting may be the only path open. Single Virgos may suddenly see an old friend in a new light. For some this will spark an unexpected romantic interest.

Libra You may need to be patient with your partner this week as it seems that they have a lot on their mind or a busy schedule that might make them a bit cranky. There are really good start for picking up a bargain or finding just what you want, particularly through garage sales or online.

Scorpio There is a lot to be said for staying quiet and listening to others rather than giving your opinion just yet. It seems that there is more information to come out – especially at work- and it will be better if you just wait for a while. Long term relationships may get a new lease of life.

Sagittarius This is a very romantic week for you as Venus, planet of love moves through Sagittarius. Saturday night may see a dream come true for you – perhaps literally as your intuition is running overtime at the moment! Some unexpected expenses may crop up – possibly to do with family.

Capricorn The greatest blessing for you this week is your intuition, as it will give you the right feelings about which option to take. Follow your hunches and if something seems impractical but makes your heart sing, go for it! You may be pleasantly surprised when a secretly hoped for call arrives.

Aquarius This is a week of juggling many different demands and obligations. Putting some things off and saying no to things that aren’t essential will help you to stay on top. You may start on a redecorating or gardening project – something which will make your environment more beautiful and harmonious.

Pisces Sweetness and charm will get you a lot further in both love and work this week, so no matter how much you want to tear someone to shreds. Just bite your tongue and smile if you have to deal with idiots. A friend will give you a new perspective on an old problem if you open up and talk.


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