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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 6 January 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries Career and reputation are big issues again this week. Make sure that you get the full credit for your recent work as it seems someone is out to use your hard labour for personal gain. For some Sunday will bring some major decisions around your future goals and plans for 2020.

Taurus A new friend may come into your life unexpectedly, opening up a new world to you in some way. It may be that they are from a radically different culture or have an unusual take on life that you really admire. Your stars are negative for borrowing money from banks or lending money to friends or lovers.

Gemini A situation which has kept you bogged down and unable to move forwards should come to an end this week. Think very carefully about any choices you make as a result as they will affect you for a long time. You have excellent stars investments and savings as well as loan applications.

Cancer The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in your sign on Friday will bring a lot of energy into your life and a situation to a peak. This can be very romantic for some, but long-term relationships may feel heavy at times, with conversations about major issues and future goals taking up a lot of the weekend.

Leo Your work and colleagues will play an important role this week. You have excellent stars for getting results and networking with important contacts - very good if you work in sales. Beat the post-Christmas bulge with a new exercise routine and eating habits – it will improve your health and energy too!

Virgo It seems you have some hard conversations ahead of you this week. It will go much easier if you can try to make things as friendly as possible – remember to point out the other person’s good features even if you are ending a relationship or arguing with a friend. Money matters are looking good.

Libra The full Moon and Lunar eclipse is in your career sector this week, while your home sector is bursting with planets and power! Time to bring out your domestic goddess and wow with your skills in the kitchen and home. Career issues may reach a peak or turning point on Friday.

Scorpio A long standing issue with your partner may move towards being resolved this week – especially if you can keep an eye on the big picture instead of getting hung up on petty details. Think before you speak over the weekend as there are likely to be big consequences if you gossip or talk carelessly.

Sagittarius It is question of finding balance and harmony between the various aspects of your life, as you start to question some of your old values and ambitions. What you wanted in the past may not be right for you in future, so think carefully before making any commitments for at least the next month or two.

Capricorn A very serious, intense and major week which if you are wise and think things through will bring the changes you need. Power plays, emotional blackmail or anything manipulative will backfire really badly. Friday’s eclipse and full moon in your relationship zone will bring some light relief and happiness.

Aquarius You may feel lost in everyone else’s lives and dramas this week, leaving very little space for you to focus on yourself. Those in relationships with high-maintenance people may finally reach breaking point as you get pushed into second place yet again. Be strong and stand up for you.

Pisces A chance encounter with an old friend may spark a new romance for some. It seems that you have both changed a lot since you last met and now you can’t get enough of each other! Your job will take up a lot of time and energy, as a client’s last-minute demands create extra work for everyone.


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