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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 9 September 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. I am on leave this week but you will be able to book a reading with me after Thursday 12 September 2019

Aries Just getting through the daily routine may take more energy than you believe possible. It seems that work will be very busy, leaving you exhausted at the end of each day. Don’t let a lack of motivation stop you from sticking to your plans though, as you are about to reach a long-term goal.

Taurus You may be feeling a little restless and wanting to get out of a rut this week. This may be at work where the daily grind is getting boring – or it may be your relationship has fallen into stale habits. Try to look at things long term and remind yourself of the good things you have.

Gemini This is a great week for making plans to move or travel. Anything which expands your world and opens up new possibilities should be followed as it will make your life much more happy and complete. There may be some unexpected news on Friday, but overall the outlook is positive.

Cancer Try not to be so serious and concerned about the future that you forget to enjoy what is good about your present. Having said that, the decisions you make this week may have some very long reaching consequences, just don’t forget what makes you happy while you decide.

Leo This week is going to be great for money but you will have to be careful with your cash as you may be tempted to just blow it on silly treats which you will regret later. If you can afford it, put any extra money in a savings or investment account, or use it to pay off debt and set you free.

Virgo An action packed but very good week. You have four planets in your sign bringing lots of fun and action. Charm and finding common ground are the secrets to success for you when dealing with everyone from bosses to lovers. Don’t let a secret worry bring you down as it is soon going to pass.

Libra You may be considering a major change, which will require a lot of honesty and consideration of others if it is to go smoothly. Be courageous as change will lead you onto rebirth and a new, fresh way of life if you let it. Finishing an overdue project will make you feel great.

Scorpio Your week and relationships will be much easier if you can listen to what others are saying to you instead of rushing to stick to your guns and being stubborn. Compromise and negotiation will create a lasting solution in your home and family life, so try going with the flow.

Sagittarius The focus is on your career and worldly status this week, making it a great time to go for a better job or a promotion. Starting your own business is highlighted if this is one of your dreams. Look outside the box for new opportunities as the traditional way isn’t always best.

Capricorn This should be a happy and optimistic week – making you feel good about the world. You will be feeling well liked and appreciated by people around you and may even be given a small gift. A chance encounter with someone – or perhaps some new information - will be very useful in future.

Aquarius Don’t be afraid to make the first move if you are feeling attracted to someone, as you have excellent stars for getting what you want in love right now. Don’t be shy, or over-analyse everything that is said, just trust your feelings and what your heart tells you. Money matters should improve.

Pisces Slow and steady wins the race for you this week. Don’t rush into situations or speak without thinking – what is said can’t be unsaid and you may want to change your mind later. There is a feeling of stability around you right now, so always choose the practical solution to issues.


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