• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 1 February 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries With your current stars you need to be careful about mixing money or business with friendship and love. Financially there are a few surprises and unexpected energies showing around, so keep your money to yourself and stay quiet about things. Catching up with an old friend may bring good news.

Taurus Your career is highlighted with many positive and dynamic planets this week. A fantastic time for applying for new jobs, promotions or the opportunity to work on a project that is dear to you. For those not in the workforce this week could bring some praise and appreciation for all that you do for others.

Gemini Try not to be too sensitive or over-emotional when dealing with loved ones. You have the opportunity to really clear the air and get the communication flowing between you, but if you over-react to everything it will cause an emotional shutdown. Money is looking good you may even receive a gift.

Cancer You may get some good news about your work or a new job that will mean more money or professional credibility for you this week. A romantic interest may have some news which changes a few things. You will be very busy but will get a lot accomplished before the week is over.

Leo Your relationship zone is highlighted this week, making all of your dealings with others very important. Those who have been dating for some time may decide to make things official and get engaged or move in together, while others will reach a new understanding about where to take their life next.

Virgo You may have to ‘let go’ or give up on something this week. It seems that this will be positive as knowing when to walk away will bring an end to a painful or drawn out situation. A lucky surprise or turn of fate is likely on Monday, perhaps through a new person who brings opportunities.

Libra You may be feeling more emotional than usual this week. The best advice is to keep quiet about what is going on for the time being. The main reason is that you are likely to feel calmer and more balanced in a week or so and most of what is worrying you will have gone away or been resolved.

Scorpio A passionate, but possibly upsetting week in your relationships. Your partner may be acting out of character or just feels restless in the home and daily routine. Try to get a break away from it all – even if it is just for a night. For others this will be an excellent time for working on the house or garden.

Sagittarius Take good care of your health – especially where accidents or burns are concerned. Now is not a good time for pushing yourself too hard, you need rest and time out if you are to get through everything on your plate at work and at home. Try meditation if your mind wont stop working overtime.