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Your Weekly Stars 10 January 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries You may meet with an influential or powerful contact who will help you in your career or to get what you need from the authorities. Reaching out and making first contact will be helpful, although doing this before Friday when communicator Mercury goes retrograde will help things to go more smoothly.

Taurus You may be feeling a little irritated at times this week, but it is likely to stay bubbling away under the surface unless someone does something that is just too much. Your work and career life are looking good as your efforts over the last year or so start to bring rewards and benefits to you.

Gemini You may have some unexpected luck this week, probably financial and quite possibly through someone else – most likely your partner or loved one. Your zone of shared finances is looking very healthy with perhaps an unexpected boost or cash win coming in over the weekend.

Cancer Pressures at work may make you dream about running away from it all to somewhere far away, especially on Wednesday. Intense and dramatic Pluto and loving romantic Venus unite in your relationship zone. This can help you to rekindle passion between you or could lead to a big fight about the past.

Leo Communication planet Mercury goes retrograde in your relationship zone on Friday, possibly leading to misunderstandings and mixed messages over the weekend. This is a really terrible time for taking out loans or signing contracts as there may be some hidden information or unknown circumstances.

Virgo Confusion around your relationships with others will be made easier with some good, clear communication and also tuning into unconditional love. Try to get the talking and thinking part finished by Friday when chatty Mercury goes retrograde again. Money matters should be looking quite good.

Libra Make sure you have all the facts before getting angry or speaking your mind this week. There may be unknown factors or perhaps even dishonesty involved and it is better you wait before you speak. Your home is a big energy zone at the moment – perfect for redecorating or even renovating completely.

Scorpio The focus for this week is on character, stamina, courage, and self-discipline, especially where your home and family are concerned. Creating clear boundaries with someone who has been pushing their luck recently will bring long term peace but may cause a few tantrums before they realise you mean it.

Sagittarius Try not to bump heads with others this week as although you may be able to spin a good argument about something, it feels like they are not going to be convinced or budge. Some unexpected happenings occur in your finances over the weekend, it could be as good as a lottery win or as bad as a big bill.

Capricorn Your dreamy and spiritual side will come to the forefront this week, at least in your mind and private thoughts. Sunday may be intensely good or quite dramatic as loving, romantic Venus and intense and jealous Pluto collide in your sign. Letting go of past insecurities will help you to enjoy the positives.

Aquarius Communication planet Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on Friday, so try to get all your paperwork or important discussions completed before then. Your financial situation will alternate between good and difficult depending on how realistic about your budget and spending you are.

Pisces This is a fantastic week for romance – especially If you are single. Avoid misunderstandings and confusion by thinking through what you want to say to someone before you speak. Friendships and your social groups will be a highlight over the coming week or so.


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