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Your Weekly Stars 10 May 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries There may be some good financial news coming to you this week as there is a lot of energy in your financial zone including an opportunity for fresh starts and a new phase in your money matters. This can be paying off a debt or alternatively taking on something big like a new mortgage.

Taurus The New Moon in your sign on Wednesday brings the beginning of a twelve-month cycle of growth and development. What you start this week could last for a long time or be very influential on how the next few years works out – so choose carefully what you put your energy and focus into.

Gemini While Gemini is not usually considered the most naturally spiritual sign in the zodiac, the coming week will bring a lot of new energy and may give you some insight or curiosity about spiritual or psychic matters. A great time to start meditating or reading inspiring personal growth books.

Cancer This is a fantastic week for putting your ideas into action and making progress with your goals. You should have more energy than usual due to the influence of dynamic Mars in your sign, so get stuck into all those jobs you have been putting off for ages and feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Leo It may feel that the whole world is too much for you this week, as the pressures of daily life and the demands of other people start to wear you down. Getting away from it all, either by going away for the weekend or hiding away at home will give you the peace to relax, recuperate and get your calm back.

Virgo Lucky and abundant Jupiter moves into your relationship zone this week bringing good fortune and optimism to your closest relationships. Your career sector is looking good with positive planetary energies for writing job applications and getting on the good side of bosses and superiors.

Libra Some upsetting news about a family member could put a cloud over the first part of this week. It seems that this will be just a passing problem, so give support but don’t stress too much. A new romantic interest will make the weekend very exciting. It seems you will be on the same page emotionally.

Scorpio After a very hectic and demanding few weeks on your emotions and relationships, this week continues the theme with the New Moon in your relationship zone on Wednesday. This is a fantastic time for starting again and leaving the past behind, especially if you want your love life to grow and develop.

Sagittarius Venus, planet of love and relating and chatty and communicating Mercury are both positioned in your relationship zone this week, making this a great time for talking things over with your loved ones and clearing away misunderstandings or conflict with forgiveness, understanding and sharing love.

Capricorn Single Capricorns will receive a boost from Wednesday’s New Moon in your romance zone. New romantic interests, the beginning of a new relationship or perhaps feeling brave enough to start dating again after heartbreak – all of these are likely for you during the course of this week.

Aquarius Your finances should start to pick up just in time for the weekend. There is a possibility of extra cash or a lucky windfall coming to you – just avoid blowing it all on treats and good times. Your home and family life is looking positive and happy with some Aquarians receiving some longed for news.

Pisces Lucky and abundant Jupiter moves into your sign for a brief visit this week. You can expect to feel more optimistic about life and to have lucky breaks fall into your lap. Just be careful that you don’t waste your good fortune by letting things slide and over-indulging in food and drink.

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