• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 13 December 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries There may be some good news coming to your from the government or authorities this week, which will put your mind at rest. The Full Moon in your sector of home and family will make this weekend a wonderful one to be at home with the people (and animals) that feel like your closest family.

Taurus Its all about the money this week, with the Full Moon hitting off your money zone on Sunday and Mars entering your shared finance and investment sector on Monday. Not a great time for taking out loans or running wild with the credit card as it may come back to bite you before long.

Gemini This is a big week for you and your relationships, as active and energetic Mars moves into your relationship zone and Sunday’s Full Moon happens in your sing. A great time to reflect on the last six months and how far you have come, just don’t pick fights or be too irritable with your loved ones.

Cancer Communication planet Mercury moves into your relationship zone on Monday, making it much easier for you to get your point across to others and make shared plans for the future. The Full Moon in your subconscious zone on Sunday will make you more intuitive and in tune with your spirituality.

Leo Leo’s love a good party and active Mars energy in your social zone will push you out there to be the life and soul of the party. Your friendship zone being lit up by the Full Moon makes a weekend with besties the way to go. A good time to be assertive and make the first move on your crush too.

Virgo The Full Moon in your career and public reputation sector will bring rewards for past actions for some, but for others it may bring any dissatisfaction about work to a head – making them think about changing paths or employers next year. Your home life will be busy and demanding at times.

Libra Family news, and possibly too much information will be a feature of this week as your communication zone is lit up. The Full Moon in your zone of expansion and exploration making everything from study through to travel feel very tempting. A situation with in-laws may resolve or explode.

Scorpio Money may not fall into your lap, but if you put yourself out there, take any extra work that is going and really go for it, you will find that extra cash flows well over the next few months. Watch out for arguments with loved ones about money and how it is spent, especially if you have given the cash to them.

Sagittarius Active and dynamic Mars enters your sign on Monday, bringing a boost of energy and determination to get things done. The Full Moon in your relationship zone on Sunday will highlight the good and bad equally, so it may be an unsettled weekend. Clear and firm boundaries with others will help.

Capricorn Communication planet Mercury is entering your sign on Monday; just as active Mars enters your subconscious zone. This could lead to you feeling quite irritated and snappy with others if you are not mindful. The Full Moon is a good time for reflecting on your day-to-day life and habits both good and bad.

Aquarius The Full Moon hits off your romance and pleasure zone on Sunday, making this a great weekend for finding love, romance (or an enjoyable ego-boosting flirt!). Children will take centre stage and bring a lot of happiness, especially if you are hoping for good news. Let your creativity flow.

Pisces A friendship may become a bit battered after a clear and open discussion makes you realise what they really think. Venus going retrograde on Sunday along with the Full Moon could make you feel overwhelmed with emotions and feeling like walking away from things which cause hurt.