• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 13 September 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Mars, planet of action and activity, but also temper and irritation is moving into your relationship zone on Wednesday, making the next month a great time for you and others to work on projects together, but perhaps not the best time for you to try to work through sensitive or stressful issues.

Taurus If you have been putting off getting fit or taking action to fix or improve any health issues, this is a fantastic week for getting started and making a go of it. Your day to day routine and working life are likely to be busier than usual, but loving Venus in your relationship zone will bring romantic times.

Gemini You may be feeling inner restlessness with life this week and find it difficult to settle or feel comfortable at times. Try curling up at home over the weekend away from the world, other people, and their dramas – being a hermit will help you to rest and regain your strength and optimism.

Cancer You have wonderful stars for communication this week – especially for one-on-one talks that resolve issues and help everyone to move on. Your home may feel crowded and noisy at the moment, getting spaces organised and free from clutter will help your peace of mind more than you can imagine.

Leo This is a terrible week for borrowing or lending anything – especially money – as there are confusing and difficult energies around possessions and other people and it is likely that the current circumstances will change over time and create problems in future. A happy time for home and family.

Virgo The confusing but also romantic influence of Neptune in your relationship zone hitting off the Sun in your sign could either bring a very romantic time where you really connect at many levels, or it could be very confusing as you aren’t really sure whether you can trust or rely on others.

Libra Mars, the planet of action and energy is moving into your sign on Wednesday bringing with it a boost of enthusiasm and motivation to do the things you need or want to do. Be aware that you may come across as a bit too forceful or pushy to some people, so try to keep calm and quiet around them.

Scorpio This may feel like a challenging week for your personal relationships and your quality of life and happiness. Issues around commitment or being responsible may arise for some – take a moment to ask yourself if you are being unreasonable or if you really do need to impose some healthy and functioning boundaries.

Sagittarius Good planetary energy in your career sector is making a positive aspect to your financial zone this week, so if you have been hoping for a promotion or increase in pay your wishes may be fulfilled. A friend may be having conflict with others and want you to get involved – or at least listen to them complain a lot.

Capricorn A wonderful week for seeking out knowledge and higher learning in order to help you make the changes to your mindset and perhaps self-imposed limitations. Books, online resources or just spending time with people who are experienced in the areas you feel are important will all help to guide you.

Aquarius Try to avoid being too stubborn with loved ones as it may put a barrier between you – especially on Friday. For some this will see positive things coming in your career zone and all dealings with authorities and superiors – it may mean more responsibility or extra duties but will also bring more control too.

Pisces Now is a good time for you to get the insight of those closest to you to help you find the way forward on a confusing or unsettling issue. An outside perspective may be just what is needed for you to see the truth of a situation and take the appropriate action before things become even more complicated.