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Your Weekly Stars 14 December 2020

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Aries If you have been caught up in your career or business for a long while, this week will see some of the pressure ease off and a period where you can enjoy some of the financial benefits you have earned. Travel and study will appeal to many Aries as the chance to explore and grow becomes strong.

Taurus Now is a time where you will start to reap the rewards of the past and also be quite lucky in your career. The next twelve months are a fantastic time for applying for promotions or higher pay as you are likely to succeed. You may also benefit from the luck or good financial management of your partner.

Gemini The New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens in your relationship zone on Tuesday morning, perhaps drawing your soul mate into your life over the next six months or deepening and bringing renewal to existing loves. Jupiter entering your travel zone on Saturday could give the desire to spread your wings.

Cancer Your work and daily routine will be impacted by the New Moon and Solar Eclipse throughout this week. You may receive an offer of higher employment or an opportunity to work elsewhere for a little while. One on one relationships will feel lighter and less of a burden after Thursday.

Leo This week sees the beginning of a new phase in your relationships with others, especially romantic partnerships and marriage. For some the next couple of years will bring a sense of commitment and security, while for others it will feel that ending things is the best way forwards for you.

Virgo Your daily life and health are coming under some major energies for the next two years starting from Thursday. A fantastic time for getting disciplined about your diet and exercise rather than experience health issues later. A stage of your life is likely to come to an end on Tuesday, opening up a new future.

Libra Some important or life changing news may finally arrive this week, bringing a fresh start. Your home life and responsibilities to family may start to ease allowing you more freedom to be yourself and perhaps take up a hobby or sport for enjoyment. Romance is likely to feel quite serious.

Scorpio Your financial zone is highlighted this week with several planets and a New Moon and eclipse all occurring here. Unexpected money or windfalls are likely for some. The movement of Saturn and Jupiter moving into your home and family zone may bring home ownership or a new child to the family.

Sagittarius The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your sign on Tuesday morning will bring a major new beginning to you and see the start of a new cycle in your personal life and self- image. Venus enters your sign on Wednesday bringing love and romance to you and also a sense of happiness and self-worth.

Capricorn Serious Saturn final leaves your sign for good after a two-and-a-half-year phase of consequences and hard work on Thursday, making you feel lighter and more optimistic. Good luck planet Jupiter enters your financial zone on Saturday, bringing growth and extra cash for the coming year.

Aquarius A very big and powerful week for Aquarians as both serious and restrictive Saturn and good luck planet Jupiter both enter your sign. Jupiter will bring good fortune and a sense of optimism and abundance to you for the next year, while Saturn will bring rewards or punishments for past actions.

Pisces The New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens in your career zone this Tuesday morning, bringing a new six-month cycle to your working life and public reputation. A great time for applying for promotions or changing career path. Your subconscious zone is full of energy and insight if you listen.

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