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Your Weekly Stars 14 June 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries You may find yourself getting thoroughly sick and tired of other people’s problems and issues this week. You really need some space and time to yourself away from demands and interruptions from other people or your family. Time spent by the water or with a much-loved pet will bring comfort and peace.

Taurus This week’s Saturn/Uranus square is going to impact you and Aquarius the most. Issues around freedom and responsibility, limitations and authenticity will all feature. For some this may bring some pressure from bosses or authority figures as they impose limits on how you express yourself and behave.

Gemini You may feel a little unsettled and insecure at times over the coming week as unexpected information and events make you feel wobbly and unsure. Go with the flow and don’t get too uptight about how things ‘should’ be, and you may be able to turn things around to your future advantage.

Cancer Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. Spending some time by the water will be very soothing to your spirit, while meditation will bring peace and calm.

Leo This is not a good week for pushing for certain outcomes or trying to get your own way at home with your loved ones. The Saturn/Uranus square is impacting on your relationships, and it is better to leave any confrontations with others until a later time when the energies are less explosive

Virgo A relationship which had seemed promising may take a backwards step this week as Jupiter in your relationship zone goes retrograde, making it harder to get ahead in love. However for some it will bring the opportunity to really get settled and clear on what you both want and need.

Libra Life may become a bit of a struggle this week in terms of getting all of your tasks and responsibilities taken care of. You may have to just let some things slide until next week when the energies are better, and you won’t be banging your head against a wall. Money matters are steadily improving.

Scorpio You may feel let down or disappointed by someone who doesn’t do as they promise or fails to live up to their commitments this week. Being firm and setting clear boundaries will work wonders if someone is taking advantage of your good nature or trying to wear you down with nagging or hassles.

Sagittarius If you have been considering changing home or relocating even further away – it may be that you have to out some of these plans on hold as outside circumstances create unsettled energies and sudden changes of plan. Stay flexible and always have a plan B and you will get through this fine.

Capricorn Children and your creative hobbies may put a dent in your bank account this week, although for some lucky Capricorns a stroke of luck – possibly on the lottery – will bring a boost to your income or assets. Singles may find that a new love interest is not all that you had hoped they might be.

Aquarius Aquarius and Taurus will feel the full impact of Tuesday’s Saturn/Uranus square more than most signs. You may feel that other people or your family are too changeable and chaotic for you and all you want is a bit of peace and order. Try to avoid being too strict or controlling, instead try to find a compromise.

Pisces Abundance and growth planet Jupiter will start going retrograde in your sign this week, making it a good time to sit back and stop pushing forwards for a little while. It may be that a hidden or subconscious issue is causing problems or insecurity, but a flash of insight or inspiration will clear things up.

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