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Your Weekly Stars 14 September 2020

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Aries Your daily working life and routine will be a big focus for you this week. The New Moon on Thursday could bring the opportunity to start something new at work. Your diet and fitness routine is highlighted, as this is an excellent time for starting new healthy eating and exercise programs.

Taurus A wonderful week for love and romance as this week’s New Moon lights up your romance zone. Loved up couples will feel very in tune with each other and find that past niggles and irritations seem less of a problem. Work will be busy and demanding on your energy levels so relax when you can.

Gemini The New Moon on Thursday could bring some good news about your work or a new job that will mean more money or professional credibility for you. A romantic interest may have some exciting news for singles, or you may hear some interesting information which will clear up a confusing issue.

Cancer This is a good time for you to clear out the old and make room for some exciting new energy in your life. For some this will mean ending an off and on situation which has been holding you back or perhaps finally making the time for something you have always wanted to do.

Leo This should be a good week for you financially, as your money zone is where the astrological action is. You will be reaping what you have sown, so if you have been good with your money it is going to pay off in a very nice way. Spending time with an old friend will be very good for your emotions.

Virgo The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday gives you the chance to make a fresh start as this is the start of a new year for you. Think about what you would like to achieve by this time next year and start making some steps towards it – even if it’s just writing lists, making schedules and talking it over.

Libra You may feel a little stressed and highly strung at times this week, especially if you have a worry going around in your mind. Make sure that you are not listening to your fears more than common sense. Think outside the box and you may find that you can make some big changes very easily – you just need imagination.

Scorpio You will have a strong need for personal space and freedom this week, especially if life and love have been feeling dull and predictable lately. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as your dream job could be closer than you think. Don’t tell the world about your plans yet though.

Sagittarius Your career sector is very lucky right now so you should have good luck with charming your boss or an interview panel with your personality. If you have done the hard work to back your words a new job or promotion is on the cards. Quality time with friends will bring a lot of laughs.

Capricorn This is a great week for practical action and keeping your feet on the ground – no matter what life throws at you. If in doubt, look for the most logical and practical solution – it will be the one that gets the right results. A great time for learning new things or starting a study or training course

Aquarius You may be troubled by some restless nights over the week as there are strong planetary energies influencing your subconscious zone right now. Try curling up at home over the weekend away from the world and difficult people – some quiet time will help you to rest and boost your spirits.

Pisces The New Moon on Thursday is in your relationship zone. For some this will mean the beginning of a new relationship which is long lasting and works for you at many levels. You may need to put some effort into juggling your finances as there could be more demands on your money than usual

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