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Your Weekly Stars 15 March 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries This weekend is your time to shine as the Sun and loving Venus arrive in your sign where they will stay for the next month. It will be easy to get on with others and get your own way during this time as people will want to help you and make you happy. Your finances may experience a bit of a shakeup.

Taurus A great week for all of your friendships, including possibly making a new friend or joining a group or organisation of some kind. The weekend tones things down as you will be more inclined to hide away at home and recharge your energy and mental strength. Money is looking good.

Gemini This is a great week for making plans to move or travel. Anything which expands your world and opens up new possibilities should be followed as it will make your life much more happy and complete. There may be some news from your in-laws which causes a change of plans, but overall the outlook is positive.

Cancer A happy week for those Cancer people in relationships. You may be able to work through past issues and let them go once and for all. Your career starts a new month-long cycle where you should be able to attract praise and good fortune from your superiors and really stand out.

Leo This is a great week for long term relationships and for making friendly agreements with others. Giving and receiving presents is indicated for many. Even if the gift isn’t financially expensive it will have great emotional and sentimental value – like someone giving you something they have made especially for you.

Virgo You may experience the most change through other people and your relationships with them. This may be that someone helps you to move ahead and let go of the past, or it could be that their issues impact on you and you have to adjust as a result. Love and romance are intense but pleasurable.

Libra Your day-to-day routine and work will take up most of your energy during the week, but on the weekend the Sun and romantic Venus enter your relationship zone which will bring loving and contented times with the one you love. The coming month is an excellent time for you to work with others.

Scorpio It seems that there are temptations around you which are proving quite hard to resist – possibly a romantic attraction to someone who is unavailable or already attached. It’s likely that you are just escaping from your life and work problems by fantasising about something which will never come true.

Sagittarius A lovely week for all things related to your home and family life. Spending time with the ones you love or just enjoying your personal space will bring pleasure to you. Some good fortune in your finances is likely as many changes are happening and you are well placed to reap the rewards.

Capricorn Peace and harmony will rule your life for most of the week, before giving way to a much more dynamic and energetic weekend at home. Transformation planet Pluto is in your sign and making positive aspects to loving Venus and the Sun, so any changes you want to make, no matter how big, will be easy.

Aquarius You may experience a boost or major change to your finances this week, which will bring relief to some. A fantastic time for you to focus on budgets and spending – getting things all down on paper will help you to make the most of the positive energies aspecting your money zone this week.

Pisces This should be a happy and enjoyable week, with plenty of love and harmony indicated. You may be able to let go or make a big change very easily and without pain, as you have wonderful stars for positive transformation through the middle of the week. Chatty Mercury will bring news after Tuesday.

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