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Your Weekly Stars 16 August 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Venus, the love and beauty planet is moving into your relationship zone on Monday, bringing happy and harmonious times for you and your loved one. One of your friends may share a great idea or plan with you which sounds a bit unusual or different but is likely to be quite successful over time.

Taurus You may need to take a step back and rethink a few plans this week, as it feels as though the time isn’t right or you need to do more preparation and research before you can really move ahead wisely. Singles may receive some good news or a romantic invitation from someone very interesting.

Gemini You may experience some worry and stress about a family member this week, especially if you hear news which plays on your fears. It is possible that you may end up worrying more about it than they do themselves, as by the weekend things will have settled down and smoothed over again.

Cancer A very good week for those Cancer people who are hoping to buy a home they love – especially if it involves getting a mortgage to do so. Your financial sector is highlighted by the power of the Full Moon and your home and real estate zone is coming under the happy influence of Venus.

Leo Your relationships may feel like they are being given a second chance to grow and thrive - or alternatively a sense of just going over old ground again as past problems rise up once more. What will help is if you can focus on your shared values and what is important to you both as people.

Virgo This is a great time for taking up study or training to enhance your working prospects – especially if this can take the form of workplace training or professional development. You have communication planet Mercury in your sign, bringing you the ability to tell it like it is and to ask for what you need.

Libra Venus, planet of love, beauty, harmony, and peace is moving into your sign on Monday, brining happy vibes and the ability to attract what (or who) you really want. There may be some disturbing undercurrents between certain people going on around you which may cause uneasiness as you pick up on it.

Scorpio A relationship that has been a little unstable recently may finally break down this week, especially if you feel that the other person is not being responsible or committed. Talking things over with a close friend you can be truly open with will help you to see clearly and not be swayed by emotions.

Sagittarius This is an excellent week for writing job applications and finishing official paperwork, as you are likely to get the results you are hoping for. The Full Moon is highlighting your communication zone and your career zone is full of positive planets – a combination that lets you talk your way to the top.

Capricorn Beautiful and positive Venus is moving into your career zone on Monday, bringing good luck and perhaps an opportunity to shine at work or with your superiors. The Full Moon in your money zone could bring an unexpected windfall or a feeling of having enough resources for your needs.

Aquarius This Sunday sees the second Full Moon in Aquarius in a row. This is a significant and powerful time for your energy and for getting a second chance at making your dreams happen. A good time for investments and loan applications as you have good planetary energies around finance all week.

Pisces The Full Moon in your subconscious and spirituality zone combined with dreamy and spiritual Neptune in your sign will make this week a time where you can really tap into your intuition and find guidance or answers. Communication in your relationships is highlighted, bringing clarity and peace of mind.

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