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Your Weekly Stars 16 November 2020

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Aries Your zone of shared money and resources is highlighted this week, making it a good time for applying for loans, making investments and plans for the future – especially with your long-term partner. You may be very busy with responsibilities around family, friends and loved ones.

Taurus You need to be careful with what you say as speaking your mind impulsively may cause some upsets. Loving and romantic Venus moves into your relationship zone over the weekend, bringing a time of romantic happiness, new relationships and harmony. Things will improve financially soon.

Gemini A new romance may come under some difficult planetary influences this week, especially if one of you is pushing for too much commitment too quickly. Take your time and only do what you feel comfortable with – its your life after all! Your working life and daily routine will be busy and rewarding.

Cancer Responsibilities for your family and partner may take up a lot of this week. A great time for buying new items for the home and for some lucky Cancer people, they may even buy the home of their dreams. The weekend brings fantastic stars for singles looking for a new lasting love and romance.

Leo This is a good week as you will be feeling more optimistic about the future and life in general. This is a fantastic time for expanding your horizons and seeing what is possible before making a big choice. There may be a feeling of progress around something which has dragged on too long.

Virgo Things are looking good for you money-wise, so make the most of the extra cash by investing in something big rather than just frittering it away on little treats. You may have a change of heart about a career or personal issue which has been causing you worry recently – perhaps it is going to be OK after all.

Libra You may feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall this week especially when it comes to making other people see reason. Try to find a compromise that works or else this could go on for some time. You have a lot of activity in your financial zone bringing both bills and unexpected money.

Scorpio Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into your sign this week bringing the power of attraction to you where love and money is concerned. There may be some irritations during the week as you are stopped from moving ahead with something you really like and enjoy. Be patient as this will soon pass.

Sagittarius Some Sagittarians may be tempted by someone who makes you feel very romantic and alive. This may stay just as a secret crush but for some it may be the start of an important relationship. Financially you need to be careful and cautious and not fall into being extravagant or silly with your money.

Capricorn Your career sector is looking fantastic this week, although it may bring extra work and responsibility which gets in the way of all the other things you want to do. The extra money for those in their own business will be very welcome though. Make sure you rest and recharge when you can.

Aquarius Tension between your home and working life may build up this week as you just can’t be in two places at once. You need to boost your energy levels with healthy eating and lots of rest so that you can rise to the challenges with ease. A romantically interesting and enlightening week

Pisces The Sun is shining on your career zone this week, so if you are looking for work or a change of employer now is a good time for you to write applications or do interviews. For those Pisces with their own business or side hustle, the coming week may bring good news and great opportunities.

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