• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 17 January 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Your financial matters will start moving forwards again this week with something that has been on hold for a while beginning to make progress. Your friends may give you a great idea or insight into a problem over the weekend, while your home and family life are highlighted by the Full Moon on Tuesday.

Taurus Open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones as the Full Moon in your communication zone is excellent for finding compromises and speaking clearly. Try to be flexible with young children, sometimes you have to meet in the middle on a few things. Your finances are looking much healthier.

Gemini You have good stars for both career and financial investments this week. But you need to get serious or else the opportunities will pass without you having much to show for it beyond a few shopping trips. Ask a money-savvy friend for tips about their attitude to money and investment and try to follow their example.

Cancer The Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday will bring a surge of planetary energy to you. A great time for assessing your life direction and perhaps making some major changes so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life. A fantastic time to think big and make plans for when life returns to normal.

Leo A new phase in your career or public standing is likely to happen this week. Things which have either been on hold or not getting anywhere will finally start to move ahead after Thursday. Beware of what you say about others as it is likely to get back to them and cause you a lot of embarrassment or worse.

Virgo The opportunity to progress and make big changes to your life will begin this week. A long-held dream may finally start to come true, but you will have to invest hard work and commitment to make the most of it. Don’t let other people talk you out of your dreams or let self-doubt undermine you.

Libra A friendship which has become a bit battered over time is likely to become important to you again. Establishing a new and better relationship with this person will bring good things into your life, so work to restore the bond. Take a break from the routine and get away from it all – even just for a day.

Scorpio There is a need for freedom and finding new positive energy this week. You may feel a little detached from your loved ones and daily life, but don’t worry as this will soon pass. The planets are saying that you need more freedom in your life to create opportunities to be your true self around others.

Sagittarius You could be feeling a bit irritable with your partner this week, especially if you live together. Work is looking busy, and you will want to unwind and relax when you get home, which could be a problem if your loved one wants lots of attention and looking after. Patience will help you to find a compromise.

Capricorn Some good news may brighten your spirits this week. The Full Moon in your relationship zone on Tuesday will highlight all of your dealings with others. There may be some good financial news arriving in the mail or your inbox, or possibly a package you have been waiting for will finally arrive.

Aquarius This week is all about bringing your private plans and dreams out into the world and starting to act on them. Life will start to speed up after Friday when the Sun moves into your sign on Thursday, bringing a boost of energy and confidence. Save the big discussions until you are clearer about what you want.

Pisces Romance is in the air as the Full Moon on Tuesday lights up your romance zone. If you are single there are good stars for starting a new and exciting relationship. Even if you don’t meet ‘the one’ your social life will bloom if you try. These stars are also good for sports, hobbies, and artistic activities.