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Your Weekly Stars 18 January 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Finances may give a bit of a shock to the system this week, perhaps an unexpected bill or expense will come in. For some it will be the opposite, and surprise money will arrive making you feel delighted. Career matters are looking very positive, just make sure you get everything in writing before committing.

Taurus This is a quite explosive week where you will have to keep a firm grip on your temper and irritations – even when you are pushed to the limit. Expect a busy time with lots of running around and dealing with other people’s problems, just don’t rush too much as accidents are very possible with your current stars.

Gemini Your subconscious zone is being hit by some pretty stressful energies this week, so you may find it hard to sleep or feel anxious for no reason. This will pass by the weekend, but make sure you are not hiding any bad secrets as with this week’s stars you are likely to be found out or your secret exposed.

Cancer Venus in your relationship zone will bring some pleasurable moments to your love life and general happiness this week. A friend may cause problems through their behaviour or careless words, leading you to consider whether you want to continue with the friendship or not. Money is looking good.

Leo Sudden upsets and breakthroughs are all likely to happen in your career or public standing this week. This may be as positive as a promotion or new job, or it could be news of a restructure or crisis at your workplace. Your personal relationships may become more committed and emotionally secure.

Virgo This is a great week for romance, especially if you are single and looking for love, Venus in your romance and social zone could bring opportunities for fun and flirtation, which for some could end up in a serious relationship. For some, their in-laws may be a source of friction or frustration mid-week.

Libra The focus for this week is on unexpected events and unsettling times. The best advice is to stay flexible and roll with the punches and not try to hang on too tight. In spite of everything you will have learned a valuable lesson and there will be a lot of support from a friend who really understands your feelings.

Scorpio This could be quite an explosive week in your personal interactions as fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus unite in your relationship zone on Wednesday. Your partner may be more irritable and bad tempered than usual, and you will need to be very patient while keeping healthy boundaries with them.

Sagittarius This is not a good week for borrowing or lending money – especially with friends or loved ones. Your intentions may be good but there are some unstable and confusing influences showing and things may change in future causing problems between you. Some important news will finally arrive.

Capricorn Loving and harmonious Venus is in your sign this week, bringing romance and good energy to you. Singles may meet someone special who creates a lot of change and is a breath of fresh air. Passions may be intense but try to keep your feet on the ground. Children will keep you very busy.

Aquarius The Sun enters your sign this week bringing with it a glow of positive energy and the beginning of a new yearly cycle. You may feel the need to end something very quickly and it may come as a shock to others. This can be ending a relationship, taking charge of your diet and fitness, or letting go of past issues.

Pisces Dreamy Neptune in your sign contacts loving Venus and makes romance and love seem perfect for a while. New relationships and deepening feelings are all indicated, it may or may not last but will be a lovely experience. Be mindful of how you communicate as a burst of angry words could cause big consequences.

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