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Your Weekly Stars 19 April 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Your finances will be highlighted this week with possibly a pleasant surprise in store for some. You may experience something unexpected which makes you re-examine your values and perhaps look at things from a new perspective. Expect a busy weekend around the home and with your family.

Taurus This is a big energy week with the Sun and Mercury joining Venus and Uranus in your sign. A new love or sudden attraction may take some by surprise while others may discover something new and interesting about their partner or best friend. Your career may feel like a bit of a burden at the moment.

Gemini You would be advised to keep a lot of things quiet over the coming week and just wait for the right time to proceed with your plans without making a fuss. Some of the stress and demands of the last month will come to an end this weekend, giving you the opportunity to really unwind in your own zone.

Cancer Active and dynamic Mars moves into your sign on Saturday, bringing with him a rush of energy and unfortunately a bit of irritation and frustration as well. Your friends will be a source of pleasure and a new or existing group may be valuable in giving you some time out and space away from it all.

Leo A big week for your work and public reputation as four planets cluster together in your career zone, bringing a burst of fresh energy and perhaps new opportunities. If you are in the mood for a career change, keep your eyes and options open as you may find that something unexpected or out of the blue is the answer.

Virgo Some friction may develop between you and one of your friends over the weekend which should blow over if you can bear in mind some of the stress they may have been going through lately. A wonderful time for learning and exploring – students and teachers will have good luck this month.

Libra A wonderful week for researching your investment and superannuation options moving forwards as there may some beneficial changes you can make. For some there may be news of a payout or finally paying off a debt which has been a burden to you. Your love life is looking positive and a lot of fun.

Scorpio Your relationship zone is lit up like a Christmas tree with four planets, including loving and romantic Venus, connecting there. Sudden attractions, infatuations and love at first sight are all possible at this time, while for coupled up Scorpios this is a great time for trying something new together, just the two of you.

Sagittarius Some of the tension and irritation between you and others should begin to fade away over the weekend as fiery Mars leaves your relationship zone, making everything cool down a notch. A wonderful time for your health and fitness goals or for starting again if you have fallen into bad habits.

Capricorn This is a week for being lucky in love and lucky in general. You have wonderful stars highlighting your social life and also your romantic zone if you are single. Sometimes this can be associated with a lucky windfall or bonus, but even if this doesn’t happen you will have a happy and enjoyable week.

Aquarius Home is where the heart is this week, so enjoy spending time just taking pleasure in your space and your family without being too strict or worrying about chores. You may start a project or plan to make your home environment more beautiful and harmonious. Money is looking positive.

Pisces You may be feeling a bit low in energy and down in the dumps this week. It may be tempting to sit around grumbling with friends about work and men without actually doing anything practical to fix your situation unless you are mindful. Some interesting, positive news or information may arrive.

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