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Your Weekly Stars 19 February 2024

Your Weekly Stars 19 February 2024

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries The day-to day routines of home and working life are in the spotlight for you this week, making this a fantastic time to get organised and create good habits to make your life easier, simpler, and healthier. A good time for friendships and for an existing friend to become a new love interest.


Taurus Your romance, fun and pleasure zone is being hit off by Saturday’s Full Moon, so love, people and feeling good are the energy for this weekend. It may be a good idea to put some boundaries between work and your personal life on Thursday – remember privacy is a blessing.


Gemini Your family and home life are highlighted by the Full Moon on Saturday, as is bringing something to an end that has run out of steam. You will feel better for clearing the energy, so let go and move on. Keep any unexpected good fortune quiet – especially if the luck is financial.


Cancer Saturday’s Full Moon is bringing a fantastic opportunity for you to really get clear in your mind about anything which has been uncertain or worrying for you – especially where you are heading on your life path long term. A good week for thinking outside the box with your loved one.


Leo Romantic Venus and passionate Mars are united in your relationship zone this week, making marriages and partnerships happy and sizzling. This is a great time for rekindling the spark between couples who feel a bit stale or in a rut. Finances are highlighted by the Full Moon.


Virgo The Full Moon in your sign brings all issues and emotions to a peak on the weekend, while the Sun and Communication planet Mercury move into your relationship zone during the week. A great week for focusing on the one you love and talking through any issues together peacefully.


Libra Your intuition and psychic senses will be very strong during the Full Moon on Saturday. You will be able to tap into the hidden feelings of others, but most importantly your own, which used wisely will bring great insight. Venus and Mars unite to bring romance and fun on Thursday.


Scorpio Love could make you go completely over the top in some way this week as growth and abundance planet Jupiter in your relationship zone hits off romantic Venus – making it hard to slow down or be sensible. Your friendship zone is highlighted by the Full Moon bringing support when needed.


Sagittarius Your career and public reputation are highlighted with Saturday’s Full Moon. Some Sagittarians will receive well deserved praise and acknowledgement for their efforts. Your communication skills will be powerful and persuasive – especially when getting what you want.


Capricorn There is a lot of planetary energy in your financial zone this week, including an ability to attract the things you want while also being assertive and taking action towards getting the things you need. Pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities will appeal during the Full Moon.


Aquarius Loving Venus and passionate Mars unite in your sign on Thursday creating a wonderful harmonious energy making any recent conflicts or stress calm down. You will be able to ask for what you really want with someone close in a way that creates good feelings and a successful outcome.  


Pisces Your relationships with others will be a big focus this week when the eclipse brings a power boost and possibly a turning point on Saturday. Some Pisces will be lucky and receive an unexpected cash boost or bonus win. A good time for re-assessing your career path.



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