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Your Weekly Stars 19 July 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Your family may be a cause of stress and information overload throughout this week. Beware of stories that sound too good to be true, as with your current stars you are likely to fall for deception – especially if it means you can avoid looking seriously at problem and stay in denial.

Taurus The Full Moon in your career zone will bring a boost to your professional and worldly ambitions. Your own business, a new life path or complete change of direction will be possible for some. Messages, calls and visitors are likely with an activated Mercury buzzing away in your communication zone.

Gemini You have a lot of activity in your financial zone this week, some of it good, some of it less so. Avoid getting into arguments about cash by not lending or borrowing money and by perhaps not telling others about your financial plans for the fuutre or how much you do or don’t have.

Cancer A good week for money coming in and if you can stay disciplined it will help you achieve a goal or take the pressure off you for a while. Be careful what you say and who to – especially over the weekend, as there are some strong communication energies affecting your sign this week and not all of them are good.

Leo The Full Moon in your relationship zone is likely to bring passion and romance to Leos, along with Venus casting her love spell on you until Thursday. Try not to let irritating or worrying thoughts prey on your mind as you are likely to have a lot to think about and may feel that you need to keep it to yourself.

Virgo Venus the planet of beauty and love is moving into your sign this Thursday, bringing positive vibes for feeling and looking your best. Single Virgos may attract someone very interesting. Don’t mix friendship with money, especially if you have doubts about whether they will pay you back.

Libra It would be better if you can put off any big decisions until a later date as this week is not good for you thinking clearly or making good judgement calls. Mostly this is because there is too much conflicting information coming in and emotionally you may be feeling a little unsettled and vulnerable.

Scorpio Friends may be a source of pleasure and pain this week as they seem to be using you as a dumping ground for their problems on one hand while sharing their good luck on the other. A good time for setting budgets with partners and others to keep you all in check when you get tempted by something extravagant.

Sagittarius You may feel a little stressed and highly strung at times this week, especially if you have a worry going round in your mind. Make sure that you are not listening to your fears more than common sense and avoid getting into arguments about money or debt with the one you love.

Capricorn Other people and the things they say to you may cause you some stress and irritation – don’t react as things may blow up. Try to see the reasons behind their words and actions and it will make you feel sorry for them not angry. The Full Moon in your money zone is wonderful for unexpected cash.

Aquarius The Full Moon in your sign on Saturday will bring a boost to your emotional and spiritual strength. You may feel quite romantic as Venus spends her last days in your relationship zone and the Moon’s pull on your emotions bring loving feelings and special moments for you and those you love.

Pisces You may be feeling more intuitive at the moment as the Full Moon hits your psychic zone on Saturday. Strange dreams and hunches may have a message for you – even if it doesn’t seem obvious straight away. Meditating and relaxation are good for you, especially if you have to make a decision.

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