• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 20 December 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Friends will play a major role this week. Even if you have to do the family thing on Christmas day, the rest of the time try to make time for your oldest friends, especially if they are back in town for a short time. Unexpected gifts and money may come to you, but so might some unexpected expenses.

Taurus You maybe feeling stuck or prevented from ending or starting something this week, which may make you feel quite rebellious and not in the mood for lectures. Christmas Day will be much more enjoyable with news and good times with those from far away and a happy time at home.

Gemini The week starts of really well with lots of happy and positive feelings but may run into stressful complications later. Stay flexible and open to change and always have a plan B on hand just in case. Christmas will be happy if a bit different to how you had planned, so let go and enjoy the day.

Cancer Christmas day sees romantic and pleasure planet Venus unite with intense Pluto in your relationship zone. Really good if you are trusting and happy with each other as it will make you feel very close but beware of jealousy and power games as it is likely to cause problems and uncomfortable feelings.

Leo Your public roles and responsibilities to others could make you feel like the meat in the sandwich, pulled from one to the other. Saying no and being realistic about how much you should take on is helpful, as is asking for help. Monday and Sunday will be happy and enjoyable – spend it with friends.

Virgo You could get caught up in a mood of thoughtful reflection as you weigh up the past year and look towards 2022. Be proud of what you have achieved and don’t be too rough on yourself about the mistakes. Some Virgos will make a life-changing decision that will surprise nearly everyone they know.

Libra A long simmering attraction may start to heat up into something more substantial this week, while for couples finding a balance between duty and freedom is key. Work and money matters are looking up at the moment, so make the most of this and use office Christmas parties to network.

Scorpio There may be some tension between your partner and others and your responsibilities to your family and home – especially if you are hosting Christmas this year. It may feel as though they are being a bit flaky when you really need back up. Christmas day is looking happy and rewarding in the end.

Sagittarius Life could feel like a juggling act at times, as you feel torn between the people you care about and your responsibilities at work and for other people. Things are going to be hectic until Christmas, so try to pace yourself and learn to say no to non-essentials. Have fun planning (and shopping!) for your holidays

Capricorn There are a lot of unexpected changes in store for most signs this week, but you won’t mind as it will release you from an obligation and make you feel free and excited. Christmas day sees loving, harmonious and romantic Venus unite with intense Pluto making connections feel deep and powerful.

Aquarius Serious, responsible, and traditional Saturn in your sign may make you feel as though all your want is a normal and traditional Christmas. Unfortunately, unpredictable, and chaotic Uranus in your sector of home and family may create sudden changes which stop that. Stay flexible and roll with it.

Pisces If you are a people person, you are going to love the next few weeks! Your zone of friendship and groups is currently lit up like a Christmas tree. So, if you want to join a group or club, or just make some new friends now is the time to act. Financially, don’t trust your hunches, go for solid facts and paperwork.