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Your Weekly Stars 20 July 2020

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries This is a good week for bringing something to an end – if only to free up some space and clarity for new energy and interests. Your family and home life are looking quite busy but rewarding, while your career and working life may bring more obligations on your time and energy than usual.

Taurus A big week for communication and finding out new information to help you make decisions for your long-term future – especially if you are considering returning to study or training. Your finances are likely to improve or stabilize this week, allowing you to indulge in a little treat or two.

Gemini This is a good week for your finances, especially if you are looking to set up a new savings account or long-term budget for something you really want. Think very carefully before you take on any financial commitments with others as you need to be sure they will honour their end of the deal.

Cancer The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will bring an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts in your personal life. Try to avoid being stubborn with loved ones as being inflexible will cause too much friction. Your financial zone gets a welcome, month-long boost after Wednesday.

Leo The Sun moves into your sign on Wednesday bringing light, warmth and energy to you. Now is a good time to put yourself out in the world – especially if you are looking for love and romance. Spending time catching up with an old friend will boost your spirits and make you feel very happy.

Virgo Your romance zone is looking good this week, especially for those wanting to take things to a more serious level. Romantic time alone together will allow you space to open up and commit. At work you may have to think on your feet to keep difficult customers and colleagues happy.

Libra This is an excellent week for applying or beginning new jobs, or perhaps a change in career direction will appeal to you. Networking and making contacts with groups and organisations could be very helpful – as will the assistance of a friend who is well placed or experienced in dealing with your problem.

Scorpio There may be some hard conversations ahead of you this week. It will go much easier if you make things as friendly as possible – remember to point out the other person’s good features even if you are ending a relationship or arguing with a friend. Money matters are looking balanced and stable.

Sagittarius You may need to make some adjustments or changes to your financial commitments and spending this week. This will ultimately be a positive thing but may cause you some headaches at the time. Be flexible and open to change where your work and daily routine is concerned.

Capricorn Although you may be tempted to dig your heels in and not budge over something a loved one wants to do or has said, you would be wise to be more flexible and look at things from a fresh perspective. A new relationship may begin which has the potential to become a life-long partnership.

Aquarius Although you may have some worries at times this week, your love life is set to receive a boost from Wednesday onwards which will brighten your mood no end. A great time for taking up meditation or yoga as you have a lot of heavy planets in your subconscious zone that need soothing.

Pisces Your working life is likely to become more important mid-week as a new work opportunity may come your way. Singles should get a friend’s opinion about someone they are attracted to as some clear, heard-headed reality may help you to decide whether to pursue the connection.


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