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Your Weekly Stars 21 December 2020

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Aries Your friends and close associates are going o be important to you over the next twelve months- starting on Monday when a big planetary hit strikes your networking and friendship zone. Fantastic for those with their own businesses as the profits should begin to roll in. Don’t push others too hard on Wednesday.

Taurus Your career zone is being hit by a once in twenty years conjunction between Jupiter which rules growth and good fortune and Saturn which rules reaping the harvest and getting serious and committed. Make the most of this by applying for new jobs or a promotion or perhaps start your own business.

Gemini This is an excellent time for you to commit to study or training, enrolling now will put you on a positive path for future growth and achievement. Others will finally be able to make their travel plans for the coming year – which for some will be a profound life-altering experience not just a holiday.

Cancer A fantastic time for savings, investments and also benefiting from the generosity or good luck of your partner or close friend. Try to find a middle ground with your loved one on Wednesday as irritation and careless words could escalate into a full-blown argument. Money matters are highlighted.

Leo The major conjunction between good luck Jupiter and serious Saturn is happening in your relationship zone on Monday. Use the energies wisely to bring commitment and security to your love life while allowing for future growth and good fortune. An excellent time for getting married or engaged.

Virgo Your daily routine and working life are being impacted by the grand conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, which will be good news for those people who want to get ahead at work. Starting a new healthy eating plan or exercise regime is likely to be successful now as you will be able to stick it out.

Libra This week brings the beginning of a new phase in everything to do with being creative – including the creativity of pregnancy and of children’s matters in general. A wonderful time for taking up a new creative hobby or a sport, something recreational which will bring relaxation, company and enjoyment.

Scorpio You are entering a new phase in your home and family sector and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Monday may see you start on the road to owning your dream home or reaching a major family goal. One door in your life may be closing but another one will open up quickly.

Sagittarius You may have a stroke of money luck on Friday as some unexpected good news affects your financial zone. The major conjunction of Monday will hit off your communication and thoughts, making this a wonderful time for getting your thoughts out into the world or for making plans for your future.

Capricorn This Monday sees the start of a new cycle in your money and finances. A major turning point may arrive soon which brings growth and possibly being able to take a step up in your financial security. This may involve buying property or investing for your future wealth and comfort.

Aquarius The major conjunction between abundance growth planet Jupiter and serious conservative Saturn happens in your sign on Monday. A fantastic time for you to make a fresh start in your life or to combine luck with hard work to bring big results over the next twelve months. Love life looking good.

Pisces Your subconscious zone is being hit off this week making this a good time for you to explore your intuition and spiritual abilities. For some this will be the beginning of a journey into their spirituality and/or religious feelings. You may find the answers you need by listening to hunches.

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