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Your Weekly Stars 22 January 2024

Your Weekly Stars 22 January 2024

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Your Weekly Stars 22 January 2024

Aries Loving and harmonious Venus enters your career zone this week, perhaps making you feel that enjoying life is as important as getting ahead. You should be able to get on well with superiors and be able to charm your way into the place you want to be. A friend may be having troubles.


Taurus Unstable ruler of the unexpected, Uranus is in your sign still creating change and opportunity when you least expect it. Your family and home life are highlighted by Friday’s Full Moon, as is bringing something to an end that has run out of steam. You will feel relieved once it is over.


Gemini Gemini is ruled by chatty planet Mercury and this Friday’s Full Moon is in your talking, writing and communication zone – which should feel very comfortable and inspiring. A great time for expressing your thoughts and ideas. Some unexpected financial news is likely over the weekend.


Cancer Loving and harmonious Venus is moving into your relationship zone on Tuesday, bringing about a month of good feelings and peaceful romance in your dealings with others. Your health may need some attention if you have been pushing yourself too hard for too long.


Leo Friday’s Full Moon is in your sign and represents a halfway mark through the year where you can assess what you began around six months ago and decide whether to continue or not. Pluto is settling into your relationship zone bringing a desire for change and transformation for many Leos.


Virgo You have some very harmonious and happy Venus energies affecting your relationships with others this week. Your subconscious and intuitive senses are highlighted during Friday’s Full Moon so if you enjoy meditation or other spiritual activities this will be a very inspiring and productive time.


Libra Friday’s Full Moon falls in your networking, friends and groups zone and brings a boost of energy to making connections with people who are on the same wavelength or share your interests. Home and family life is blessed by harmonious and loving Venus, so share some quality time together.


Scorpio Your career and public reputation zone are highlighted by the Full Moon on Friday, making it a fantastic time for pushing ahead on your goals and ambitions. Uranus in your relationship zone moves direct at last, allowing space for change, freedom, and more truth between you.


Sagittarius You have positive financial energies beginning this week which will last for a few weeks. You may be able to attract the resources you need – including money by asking nicely and calling in favours from friends. The Full Moon on Friday urges you to look outside your normal boundaries.


Capricorn Loving and romantic Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, bring roughly a month of pleasurable times and the possibility for single Pisces to meet someone who really lights up their life. Money is looking good but don’t be tempted to lend money to friends, lovers, or children.


Aquarius You have some challenging aspects from generous Jupiter this week – meaning that you may spend money more than is sensible. Your one-on-one relationships with others are highlighted by Friday’s Full Moon, making this a great time for celebrating all you have achieved together.


Pisces You have some very lovely Venus aspects to your sign this week, bringing love and friendship to many. Friday’s Full Moon gives you the opportunity to really work on getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with good ones. This is especially true when it comes to diet and exercise.



I hope you enjoy this week’s horoscope. If you would like a psychic or astrology reading, I offer accurate email psychic and astrology readings which give insight and guidance to empower and support you. I have over 30 years' experience helping people make positive choices, heal, be strong and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Please go to for more information or to book and pay

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