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Your Weekly Stars 22 March 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries This is a good week for love and making commitment. You have Venus planet of love in your sign and the mood is one of commitment and decisions – leading many to take a big step in love. Just don’t let a false dream about an unrealistic love hold you back. Financially there may be some good news.

Taurus You may feel caught between the pressures of career and home this week, or perhaps a family member is causing you a bit of trouble. If at all possible, try to talk things over and find a balance or compromise which can keep things functioning more smoothly. Escaping into your own quiet zone at times is essential.

Gemini It is likely that you could feel a bit short tempered and restless this week, and not really in the mood for other people’s dramas. Getting rid of pent-up energy through exercise is the way to go – you don’t have to slog it out at the gym either, you can just go for a walk, dance, or get stuck into the gardening.

Cancer Inner restlessness and discontent may push you to make some major changes in your life - which is wonderful if you are in a rut, just don’t get carried away and throw out the good as well as the bad. You will get a break from your usual work routine to collaborate on something new.

Leo Even if you are anxious and impatient to get a project underway, it is better to wait until the time is right before you take any action. It may be that you are waiting for official approval, or for a sign that your feelings are returned. Try to focus on the things that are in your control and don’t stress out about the rest.

Virgo The best advice for this week is to just stay true to yourself and keep your mind on your own plans and needs. It seems that there is a lot of change around you at the moment tied up in other people and this really doesn’t suit your mood at all. Focus on the things which you can change and fix yourself.

Libra You have some great energies for love and romance this week, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship or need to recommit with your partner. A friend may cause some upsets through their dramas and chaos, but if they are a good friend you should still help them out.

Scorpio There may be some coming and going in your mind and conversations this week. Just when you think you have gotten it all down and understood it seems that new information comes in and you are back where you started. Keep the lines of communication open with the ones you love.

Sagittarius This is a great time for your romantic life if you are single as there are several planets including loving Venus, hanging out in your romantic zone. Make an effort to get out, socialise and meet people as it will be a lot of fun and you may meet that special someone. Avoid bossy and controlling friends.

Capricorn This is a great week for focusing on your health and getting rid of bad habits. Cleansing your body through a healthy diet will make you feel full of energy and ready to take on the world. Removing yourself from a toxic relationship with a friend or lover will give you peace of mind and intense relief.

Aquarius This is an action-packed week with lots going on for you personally and in your relationships. This is a great time for thinking positively about the future with a bit more optimism, also for making practical plans that will make these ideas actually happen. Relationships should be intense and passionate.

Pisces It is time to forget the past and move forwards so you can take advantage of the good stars affecting your sign this week. You will be thinking much clearer after Monday when a mystery is solved, or you see things from a new perspective. Either way you will be able to make any necessary decisions.

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