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Your Weekly Stars 23 August 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries This is an excellent week for your work and finances. There has never been a better time for you to ask for a pay-rise or apply for a higher position. The planets are great for getting your health and body into gear. Positive small changes done every day will work over the long term, but quick results are possible.

Taurus You have excellent stars for relationships and intimacy, so if you are single get out and meet some new people as with these stars you are likely to find love. Those in existing relationships can enjoy happy times and some welcome peace. Hobbies and being creative will be both pleasurable and relaxing.

Gemini This is a great week for socialising – especially if you are single. Amorous Venus is travelling through your romance zone for the next few weeks, making this a fantastic time to meet new people and maybe even fall in love. Happy times with children are also indicated, especially children’s parties and play dates.

Cancer An excellent time for communicating new ideas and plans for the future. It will be easy to get people on board if you have done the groundwork and have thought things through. It is also a wonderful time for making commitment for the future with people you care about.

Leo Your relationships with others may feel like hard work this week. It seems that an old issue you thought was dead and buried is going to come back again – only this time you may not be in the mood to deal with it. Use the wisdom you have learned in the past and don’t get caught up in the same old drama again.

Virgo You need to be more realistic about the pressures you are putting on yourself. No-one can be perfect all the time and if you keep on trying to make broken things work you will burn out or walk out eventually. Delegating jobs to other people may be the answer. Time off or just a quiet weekend will do wonders.

Libra You will be able to achieve a lot at work this week, even if you feel frazzled and exhausted by the end of it. A friend may have the answer to a difficult relationship problem that has been causing stress – you will kick yourself at how obvious and easy and obvious it is to fix. A big decision will be made.

Scorpio This is an excellent week for getting organised and putting your plans into action. You will get success professionally by sticking to your goals and not becoming distracted by side issues or getting involved in office gossip. Romantically things look good for singles – especially if you have been alone for a while.

Sagittarius Career and reputation are big issues this week. Make sure that you get the full credit for your recent work as it seems someone may be out to use your hard work for personal gain. Make sure you keep any emails that prove your contribution as they may be useful if you want to prove your contribution and efforts.

Capricorn Something you have been hoping and waiting for will happen this week, throwing most of your plans out of the window. Big changes are about to happen, which will be exciting if you are ready for new adventures. Best advice is to stay flexible and be ready to act quickly to make the most of your opportunities.

Aquarius Try not to be so serious and concerned about the future that you forget to enjoy what is good about your present. Having said that, the decisions you make this week may have some very long reaching consequences, just don’t forget what makes you happy while you decide. A good week for attracting money.

Pisces Stand up for your beliefs if someone is pushing you around or giving you unwelcome advice. It seems that only you really know what is best for you at the moment, so don’t let yourself get talked into anything you have bad feelings about. Investments, budgets and savings plans you make now will pay off in the future.

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