• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 23 May 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

While you are there you can sign up free to my Member’s Community and receive a welcome gift of a Relaxation audio and a 20-page e-book 5 Ways to Increase Your Intuition followed by weekly horoscopes, Moon Reports and psychic features direct to your inbox. All completely free to join and no spam ever! www.stargold.com.au/mailinglist-landing-page Aries Action and energy planet Mars is entering your sign on Wednesday bringing with him a boost of oomph to everything you do. Mars and good luck planet Jupiter unite on Sunday, so get active and make things happen just don’t go overboard or bite off more than you can manage.

Taurus Chatty Mercury moves retrograde back into your sign, giving you the opportunity to finish off or say something that had been left unresolved. Love and harmony planet Venus moves into your sign on Saturday, bringing good feelings and possibly some romance to you.

Gemini Secret crushes, affairs and flirtations are all highlighted this week, which is Ok if you keep your head and don’t do anything risky or potentially embarrassing. You may need to take time out to do some serious thinking about your future direction or a big decision – don’t rush.

Cancer This is a fantastic time for putting in some extra effort and work at your job or towards your public reputation. You may have to battle to prove you are right with someone important, but if you can keep your cool you should be fine. Friends old and new will bring happiness.

Leo Financial pressure may start to ease off after this week, especially if you have loan repayments. Speaking with a finance advisor or bank official may help you to reorganise things to make things easier and more manageable moving forwards. Tuesday is a very good day for romance.

Virgo You are likely to find that your dealings with others become much more peaceful and relaxing after Wednesday, so save any difficult conversations for after then. Some may find love with someone who is either far away or is from a very different background or culture to you.

Libra Beware of being too pushy with others as dynamic and action-packed Mars is entering your relationship zone on Wednesday, which can make you a bit much to handle if you push ahead and steamroller everyone around you. A fantastic time for investments, savings, and major purchases.

Scorpio Loving and harmonious Venus is moving into your relationship zone on Saturday, making this weekend very romantic for those in love. For others you will find that your dealings with others will be very positive, and you may even get the chance to correct an old misunderstanding.

Sagittarius You will do best working with others this week as two minds will really be better than one when it comes to solving problems and finding a positive way through obstacles. A busy week socially if you are single, while for others curling up at home with the one you love feels best.

Capricorn A great week for getting all those neglected chores and jobs around the home done once and for all. A big blitz on cleaning and decluttering will make you feel invigorated and energized mentally. Single Capricorns may find love comes into their lives via a message from the past.

Aquarius A big week for home and family as Mercury goes retrograde back into your home zone and on Saturday is joined by loving and harmonious Venus. Take this opportunity to resolve any unspoken business so that you can all come together as a family without conflict or resentment.

Pisces You will be able to relax and unwind as the pressure and demands of life begin to slow down a bit. Financially you may need to curb your spending bills start to come in, but you may also get some extra work or opportunities to make money which will help smooth things out.