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Your Weekly Stars 24 August 2020

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Aries You will need to take a deep breath and count to ten a few times this week. It seems that life is going to be very busy and the rush and pressure may make you snap or be irritable with your loved ones. Let them know you care by making the most of the weekend when you will be relaxed and calmer.

Taurus It is important you finish off what you started before taking on anything new this week. Later in the week you will find things flow more smoothly with other people, so be patient. Try to take a long-term view of minor problems in your relationship and ride through the bumpy times together.

Gemini Slow and steady wins the race for you this week. Don’t rush into situations or run off at the mouth – what is said can’t be unsaid and you may want to change your mind later. There is a feeling of stability around you right now, so look for practical solutions rather than wishful thinking.

Cancer Venus is in your sign again this week and her beautiful and loving energy is spreading through your life, making this a good time for attracting good people, events and money to you. Romantically things may be a bit intense if you cause jealousy in your partner or feel jealous yourself.

Leo Money and making a budget or spending plan are highlighted this week. A great time to bring things under control by analysing and putting your mind to it. A secret crush or flirtation could progress to a new level, although be careful it doesn’t cause too much disruption in your day to day life.

Virgo There may be some confusion in your romantic love life this week. Make sure that you communicate clearly and keep your cool when dealing with conflict as it will make things blow over much quicker. Looking at things from a new and more philosophical angle may help you to detach from the hurt.

Libra Being stubborn and sticking to an old idea or insecurity will cause stress over the weekend but if you can overcome your fear and listen – a new way of living and/or loving could open up. This is a great time for working on old fears that have held you back and letting go of childhood hurts.

Scorpio Your romance and relationship zone is looking good although there may be some friction about money, debt or finances during the week. Making a shared budget or working through your issues together will bring harmony and peace of mind, while intimacy and passion are looking very good.

Sagittarius Your career zone is looking fantastic this week, with good luck and happy times with colleagues indicated. Some good news about your job will be a cause for major celebrations on over the weekend although it seems you will also have to work harder and take more responsibility as a result.

Capricorn An excellent week for working on your relationships and looking to others for answers around love and friendship. It may be that you need to let go and move on from someone or something which still gets to you – even though a lot of time may have passed. Let go and be free.

Aquarius You may feel sandwiched between two opposing forces this week as planets on either side of your sign cause conflict and intensity. The best advice is to keep out of other people’s dramas or problems, give support but don’t get involved or take sides as things may not be as they first seem.

Pisces Your relationship sector is heavily influenced by planets of communication and positive energy. The only thing that can go wrong is if you don’t know what you want and bring confusion into the whole thing. Money matters may be a little stressful at times, but you will work through it.


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