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Your Weekly Stars 25 January 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries The Full Moon lighting up your romance zone is likely to bring flirtation and new, interesting people into the lives of single Aries. For others this will be a great week for spending time with children or enjoying a creative hobby or pastime. A friend may need your support over the weekend.

Taurus You may feel caught between your career demands and the needs of yrou family and home life. You are also more likely to want to be at home with the ones you love than anywhere else this week as the Full Moon strikes your home and family zone. Try to adjust your routine to allow more free time.

Gemini Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday, so the coming weeks may be a little bit frustrating for Gemini people as their natural need to communicate is hampered. Financially this is an excellent week for investments, superannuation, insurance payouts or inheritances.

Cancer There are powerful energies affecting your relationship zone this week. Intense and dramatic Pluto is united with loving Venus and this can mean your relationship will go through a transformation or that you will be able to let go of problems from the past – especially if they are to do with jealousy.

Leo The Full Moon in your sign on Friday will bring a boost of cosmic energy to you and your love life. Relationships are highlighted with good luck and abundance this week, so avoid pulling away or giving the silent treatment as if you let your guard down you could see the beginning of a new cycle in love.

Virgo Your subconscious zone is filled with the energy of this week’s Full Moon. Your intuition and emotions will be heightened, and it is a good idea to follow your hunches as they are likely to be spot on. Work and daily life are showing to be very busy, just keep track of all messages as things may get forgotten or go astray.

Libra Those Librans starting a new relationship are advised to play things safe and slowly until you know more about them and can build up trust. This is especially true about money and shared values. A friendship which has been a bit neglected lately could start feeling more important and necessary to you.

Scorpio Your home and family life is under a lot of planetary energy this week, for some this will mean buying or moving to a new home. The Full Moon in your career sector may bring promotion or a chance to shine, and if you are looking for a new career path now is a fantastic time to make the jump.

Sagittarius Communication may take a turn for the worse as chatty Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday. So get any big discussions, job applications or paperwork done before then as you will find it a lot easier and more straightforward. For some this week will bring a big change to their financial status or values and priorities.

Capricorn Loving romantic Venus unites with powerful and intense Pluto in your sign this week, making this a fantastic time for love and commitment for healthy relationships but for others it will be letting go of a toxic relationship which has dragged you down or brought you too much stress and heartache.

Aquarius This is a happy and positive week where the good luck planet Jupiter unites with the Sun in your sign, bringing good fortune and growth to you. The Full Moon in your relationship zone on Friday is an opportunity for rekindling stale relationships or falling in love with someone who sweeps you off your feet.

Pisces Your life may appear to be quiet on the outside, but your inner world of thoughts and dreams is under a lot of planetary energy and may make you feel quite exhausted and overwhelmed. You need plenty of rest and quiet time this week, so try to keep the weekend free of commitments so you can relax.

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