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Your Weekly Stars 25 October 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who unknowingly provides the key ingredient or idea needed to move your life onto the next stage. The advice for this week is to keep quiet about a plan until you know it will go ahead. This is especially true if you are thinking about moving house or changing job.

Taurus Active and dynamic Mars is moving into your relationship zone this week, bringing a lot more passion and excitement but may also cause irritations and temper flare ups as well. Try to channel all this excess energy into doing something practical around the house, or perhaps being sporty or adventurous together.

Gemini Lucky in love and lucky in money is your motto for this week as wonderful energies between your love planets and abundant and lucky Jupiter will bring a positive glow to most areas of your life. This is also a really good career time - including successful performance reviews and new job applications.

Cancer There may be some happy news about your job – or perhaps you hear about a new position that would be just right for you. There will be words and ideas flying around this week and it is in your career and working life where it seems to be the most active. You may make a new friend this week.

Leo Your love life is highlighted this week as positive contacts between lucky and abundant Jupiter in your relationship zone and loving Venus in your romance and fun house all add up to a great time for being with other people and spreading your wings in love. Family demands may eat up time on the weekend.

Virgo This should be a happy and optimistic week – making you feel good about the world. You will be feeling well liked and appreciated by people around you and may even be given a small gift. A chance encounter with someone – or perhaps hearing news from a friend will prove to be very useful in future.

Libra Some of the pressure and stress you have been feeling for the last few months will begin to ease off after the weekend allowing you to take a breath and relax again. Money worries will be made worse by impulse spending, every little bit adds up to big amounts, so only spend what you can afford.

Scorpio Active and dynamic Mars moves into your sign on Saturday, bringing with him a big boost of energy and enthusiasm for anything that feels like a challenge or is an ambition of yours. You still have fantastic stars for attracting money and favours so don’t be afraid to reach out to others.

Sagittarius It is better to wait until Thursday before taking on anything financial as the stars are much better then and less likely to have confusion and dishonesty – which is likely on Wednesday. You may feel a little irritated by other people on Saturday, especially if you feel blocked or restricted by them.

Capricorn Don’t let yourself get pushed into anything you don’t want to do this week. Especially if you really can’t afford the extra money just now, or you feel like you are being dragged along on someone else’s adventure – which may not be your thing at all. A hidden talent or passion may grab your attention this week.

Aquarius This is a week full of responsibility and work, but this will be positive for you in future if you can keep your cool right now. Abundant and lucky Jupiter in your sign makes happy contacts with Venus planet of love and beauty on Thursday, making this a great time for romance, money luck and doing something a little luxurious.

Pisces The stars are excellent for starting a new career or place of work this week, especially for those who are fed up with their current job. This may be the change you need to shake up other areas of your life as well. Your energy levels should be running high - channel this energy into practical tasks.


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