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Your Weekly Stars 26 April 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries You may experience something of a chain reaction this week, especially where money is concerned. One small thing will lead to another, and another, until your situation is very different than you expected. Investments, loans, insurance payouts and inheritances are all highlighted with powerful energies.

Taurus The Full Moon in your relationship zone on Tuesday may make you want to share your deepest feelings with those closest to you. You may decide to keep them to yourself if the mood isn’t right or you feel shy. But letting others know what is going on will help bring you closer together and bring solutions.

Gemini Now is a good time for keeping a ‘cool’ or detached attitude when confronted with anything upsetting or someone close sends your plans into chaos. Try not to get too worked up and know when to leave people to sort things out on their own and when to get involved in their problems.

Cancer You may feel as though you are having to bargain or make a trade off with someone close which isn’t going to be something you want. Dig deep into your inner strength and set up some boundaries and be more assertive about your needs and wants. You may be surprised at how well this works out.

Leo Business and finance will begin to improve through increased trade and some positive word of mouth for those who are self-employed. For others now is a good time for looking at your options moving forwards and asking yourself how you want to spend the next twenty years or so in love and at work.

Virgo Your relationships with friends and family are likely to be supportive and positive for you this week, but for some it may become very obvious that one friendship or relationship has run its course and needs to end. This can be because you have grown in different directions, leaving little in common.

Libra This is not a good time for you to stat a new renovation or major change to your home and garden. The energies are all wrong right now and you would be better to wait until later in the year. Money matters are extremely favourable and there is the possibility of a bonus or windfall coming your way.

Scorpio The Full Moon in your sign could make you think about romance and love affairs and if you are single, you may be finally ready for a new and emotionally fulfilling relationship. If you are already coupled up, you may be yearning for a bit more romance and passion. Be assertive and make the first move.

Sagittarius This is a good week for making contact with people of influence or power who may be able to help you with a problem or issue. Local politicians or community leaders are likely to be very helpful, but friends and groups may also be able to lend a hand – especially if it is for a good cause and helps others.

Capricorn A change of environment, a new project or opportunity will arrive and it will bring a break from the day to day routine and also lift your spirits and give you a boost of energy. This may be a new pastime or interest as you have wonderful stars for expressing yourself through recreation and hobbies.

Aquarius It is a good idea to go over any papers or documents with a fine-tooth comb and check for anything which isn’t as it seems. This is especially true if it is related to money or investment as there are some deceptive and confusing energies around you right now. Your love life is looking positive and happy.

Pisces You may have to make many trips back and forth running lots of errands and providing transport to others this week. Be slow and steady and don’t rush about as you may have a small accident or perhaps a speeding ticket. Financially things will go well if you are sensible and budget wisely.

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