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Your Weekly Stars 26 October 2020

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Aries Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into your relationship zone this week. Leave the intense dramas of the past behind you and commit to making a fresh start together. Try to get away if you can, if not have a relaxing indulgent weekend at home. This is a great time for investments and loans.

Taurus It may feel as though your relationship is getting too heavy and intense for your liking this week. Jealousy or control issues could be a problem if trust has been damaged in the past. Getting out and doing something fun together will lighten the atmosphere, and talking calmly will bring solutions.

Gemini Money issues will be a top priority this week. If bills have gotten out of hand now is the time to take control with a budget and repayment plan – it will involve missing out on some treats but will give you peace of mind in the long term. Returning to study or training will be a good step for some.

Cancer Peace and harmony will be an important focus for this week, especially in your personal and romantic relationships. You might be tempted to put things off, waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started – don’t as there are some great opportunities around you right now if you look hard enough.

Leo Communication is the answer to most of your problems this week, especially in your closest relationships. You may feel as though someone is being too demanding of your attention and trying to hold you back. Instead of fighting, listen to what is being said as they may have your best interests at heart.

Virgo This is a great week for receiving money and presents – lucky you! Working behind the scenes will give you great advantage financially. This could be as simple as researching online before you shop and comparing prices. Working at communication is your key to a happy love life right now.

Libra Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into your sign on Wednesday, making it a fantastic time to reach out and make connections with others. Experiment with how you look - you may be happily surprised with the results. Things will improve financially after this weekend, giving you peace of mind.

Scorpio This is an important week for making new contacts and networking. People you meet through work or friends could lead you to a new job or work on a special project. Remember to always speak positively about the past – trash-talking your former boss or partner isn’t going to do you any favours.

Sagittarius This is a big week for friendships and feeling part of a group, especially if you have been growing apart from your usual crowd lately. Taking up a new hobby or sport will introduce you to some interesting, like-minded people. The connections you make will be very important – singles may even meet a new love.

Capricorn Try not to take things too seriously this week, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Instead enjoy life in the moment and cherish the small things. Don’t push others to make decisions before they are ready, as a shared compromise will work much better long term.

Aquarius One of your oldest dreams will take a step closer to reality this week. You may have to sacrifice something or someone before you can move forwards, but it seems this wont cause you too much grief. Stay strong when others try to talk you out of your decisions – especially if they try to use guilt or manipulation.

Pisces This is an excellent week for putting your ideas into action, especially in your professional life. You will be able to make significant changes to a long standing problem if you communicate what is on your mind to your loved ones. Focus on what your heart and intuition tell you on Wednesday.

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