• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 27 December 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries You are heading into a time where your spiritual and religious beliefs will become more important to you. Reading and learning and personal practices like meditation and yoga will help you to tap into your inner world and find self-knowledge and understanding, which may be very healing for you.

Taurus If you have been hiding away – possibly due to lockdowns – this is a great time for you to get out there and meet new people and expand your social circle of friends. You may find that your beliefs are very important and being with like-minded people will be inspiring and supporting for you.

Gemini Your career zone will receive a lucky boost beginning on Wednesday as good fortune and abundance planet Jupiter brings growth to this area. You may also be lucky in getting promotions or rewards for your achievements in the public sphere if you don’t do paid work. Relationships may be stressful.

Cancer There is a beautiful contact between communication planet mercury and loving and harmonious Venus in your relationship zone on Wednesday, bringing the ability for you to become closer with others and deal with any conflict in a loving and peaceful manner. Travel is in store for some.

Leo Your communications with others will become easier after Sunday when chatty Mercury moves into your relationship zone. An excellent time for making plans for the future – especially where your finances and investments are concerned. Be careful you can afford to repay anything you borrow before signing.

Virgo Jupiter, planet of abundance and good fortune is moving into your relationship zone on Wednesday, starting a phase of good feelings and generosity between you and those closest to you that will last for many months. A really good time for making resolutions about your health and lifestyle for 2022.

Libra Your day-to-day life will be a lot happier over the next few months as Jupiter will bring blessings and growth to your day-to-day life and also your working life and health. For some this may involve making some significant changes to their work/life balance, possibly going part time, or changing hours.

Scorpio You have Jupiter, planet of good luck and abundance moving into your luck zone on Wednesday, and this will help you to be in the right place at the right time until May at least. Those wanting children are likely to be lucky, as will anyone who wants to be more creative or start selling what they make.

Sagittarius You are heading into a good luck phase in your home, housing and family life as growth and abundance planet Jupiter enters your home zone and will stay there for many months. A great time for expanding your family, buying a new home or perhaps even relocating to somewhere new and inspiring.

Capricorn You have communication planet Mercury unite with love and harmony planet Venus on Wednesday, just as Jupiter enters your zone of communication. Talking things over with others and getting things clear in your own mind will be a lot easier right now, especially if you focus on the positives and build on that.

Aquarius Lucky Aquarius has Jupiter, planet of growth, luck and abundance moving into your finance and money zone this Wednesday and will stay there until May. A fantastic time for you to grow your savings and be generous with the ones you love. Just don’t let it all slip through your fingers through indulgence.

Pisces Good luck and abundance planet Jupiter moves into your sign on Wednesday, bringing with him a big burst of optimism, luck and being able to see things more philosophically. This will last for several months and be a blessing to you. A good time for doing some deep thinking about where to next.