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Your Weekly Stars 27 September 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Communication with your loved one may be a bit tricky at times as Mercury goes retrograde in your relationship zone on Monday. Friends and any groups you may belong to will be a source of pleasure and perhaps even love for those who are looking for romance or something more.

Taurus Your working life will go much more smoothly this week if you can settle down, be disciplined, and not let your mind wander, or alternatively get into conflict with difficult people. Your love life is blessed at the moment just don’t over-indulge in food and too many good things along the way.

Gemini Mercury, your ruling planet is going retrograde this Monday meaning that you may need to slow down and take a second look at something important, possibly related to an old love from the past. Your physical and emotional health have some very positive balance and harmony aspects right now.

Cancer The effects of Venus on your pleasure and celebration zone could bring some very enjoyable times for you – especially on Wednesday and Friday night. It may be the wisest path if you keep quiet and don’t say what is on your mind just yet, wait and see how others behave before you speak.

Leo A good week for commitment and getting serious about an area of your life that you really want to improve and change. Being disciplined and setting positive goals and priorities -especially if you write them down or tell someone you trust – can bring immense constructive growth right now.

Virgo There may be an error in your financial records – or perhaps you have been over-charged for something – but either way it will pay for you to go over all your finances very carefully and look for mistakes. Romance, love, and relationships are all taking a positive turn for you this week.

Libra Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on Monday making communication difficult and making lost messages and confusion likely. Tempers may flare on Friday if you push your point of view too hard. Shopping around and comparing prices may help you to get what you want for much less.

Scorpio A wonderful week for those in the mood for love or even if you just want to enjoy some of the happier and more pleasurable things in life. A romantic interest may cause confusion or alternatively say everything you need to hear to make you fall head over heels. Wait a while before you commit.

Sagittarius Behind the scenes activity and possibly a secret talk or two with a friend will bring some interesting but reassuring moments this week. You may have to think again about someone you may have judged wrong in the past after new information comes to light or someone speaks up at last.

Capricorn The desire to make a major change to your direction in life or perhaps career is likely to make you feel restless and unsettled over the week. Listen to what your heart is telling you and don’t be afraid to embrace new opportunities or let go of what no longer serves you and is past its use by date.

Aquarius Being practical and thinking ahead will get you a lot further than giving into self-indulgence and being lazy – which may be a temptation with this weeks’ stars. Deep feelings and thoughts about the past may come up for some, creating an opportunity for letting go and releasing pain.

Pisces Some very positive aspects between Neptune in your sign and love and romance planet Venus this week, could see new love blossom and existing partners see each other in a positive light. Your working life may be a little unsettled so watch out for misunderstandings and communication issues.


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