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Your Weekly Stars 28 December 2020

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries Your work and colleagues could play an important role this week -even if you are supposed to be on leave. You have excellent stars for getting results - very good if you work in sales. Beat the post-Christmas bulge with a new exercise routine and eating habits – it will improve your health and energy levels too!

Taurus Something you have been hoping and waiting for will happen this week, throwing most of your plans out of the window. Big changes are about to happen, which will be exciting if you are ready for new adventures. Best advice is to stay flexible and be ready to act quickly to make the most of your opportunities.

Gemini The holiday season is here and you will enjoy having a break from the everyday routine. New Year’s Eve is a great time for making resolutions about your health and wellbeing – joining a gym would be a good start. A new pet will bring happiness and affection, so think about adopting a new furry friend.

Cancer The Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday will bring strong feelings and a desire to evaluate the past year and what has been good and difficult. Don’t make rushed decisions while you are emotional (or drunk!) as you are likely to feel quite differently very soon. Money matters are positive.

Leo Amorous Venus in your romance zone will bring love affairs and fun nights into your life. A new lover may bring out a side of you that had been hidden for a long time, making you feel very happy. Watch out for someone who is always nice to your face, but who seems to cause you trouble.

Virgo Make this New Year count by taking control of your health and lifestyle. Joining a gym, having alcohol-free days and eating healthily will give you the energy boost you crave – not to mention a rocking body that fits into the clothes you have always wanted to wear. Not the best week for money matters.

Libra Your family and home are the zone where all the action is happening this week. You may make some New Year’s resolutions on Thursday as you make decisions about the year ahead and what you are going to end and what you will make a fresh start on. Try to find time to relax and unwind.

Scorpio Even if you are on leave from work, your stars for business, career and public standing are booming this week. A fantastic time for making plans for new projects or a new job, while for some you may receive a lot of praise for your efforts making the New Year celebrations happy for everyone.

Sagittarius Venus in your sign is making a tricky contact with mystery and confusion planet Neptune on Wednesday – just as the Full Moon strikes. Keep a clear head in romantic matters and whatever you do, don’t lend money to someone with a sob story as you may never see the cash again.

Capricorn The Full Moon in your relationship zone on Wednesday will bring heightened emotions and passionate feelings. Those creative Capricorns may find a new inspiration and exciting new direction after a chance encounter on Monday. Romantically avoid secret flings and flirting as it will confuse you.

Aquarius You could get caught up in a mood of thoughtful reflection as you weigh up the past year and look towards 2021. Be proud of what you have achieved and don’t be too rough on yourself about the mistakes. Some Aquarian people will make a life-changing decision that will surprise everyone.

Pisces Looking towards the future and making plans for your financial wel-lbeing are a good way to use the planetary energies of this week. Shop around for investment advice and carefully check the credentials of whoever you choose. Small changes you make now will add up to a much better outcome in future.

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