• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 28 June 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries This is a good week for new beginnings and fresh starts in any area of your life which has grown stale. You may have to make the first move and make it happen for yourself, as it doesn’t seem that anyone is going to hand you your freedom. Watch out for overspending on the weekend.

Taurus There may be some friction with family members over the weekend, but if you can keep your calm and not walk away you may be able to resolve a difficult situation. Something you planned may not go ahead or at least in the way you had anticipated. Stay flexible and open to change.

Gemini You may hear some good news about your work or a new business idea which could mean more money for you. Singles may also hear some interesting news about a new love interest or perhaps you will get the call or message you have been hoping for. Couples will be comfortable together.

Cancer Money and financial plans may cause some friction or at least create some unexpected moments. Keep your head and don’t act impulsively over the weekend even if you feel like a bit of space and freedom to be you. For some taking on a big investment loan may bring stress now but rewards later.

Leo Mars in your sign is causing problems for the whole zodiac this week, so try to keep your head down as you may find yourself in the middle of all sorts of irritations and conflicts -especially over the weekend. Relationships may feel strained as one of you won’t give way or compromise.

Virgo There may be a temporary delay to some of your plans this week, but that is actually a good thing as it is likely that you would have been rushed and stressed if it had gone ahead as planned. Now you can make some adjustments that will make your life run even smoother. Love life is wonderful.

Libra This is a time where you and a relative may be able to air your differences and find some common ground or at least call a truce. A surprise meeting with someone may benefit you financially or perhaps romantically if you are single. This may even happen while you are at work!