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Your Weekly Stars 29 June 2020

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Aries This is a wonderful time for your career as there are many strong energies in your career and reputation zone right now, especially if you have been working hard for some time. A great time to take another look at something you had let go before and see if it suits you better now.

Taurus Retrograde Mercury in your zone of communication may make getting your ideas across and understanding others a bit difficult at times. Trying new ways such as technology may help you with this. Legal matters, especially to do with family and the long-term future, are highlighted.

Gemini Make sure you check all your bills and receipts this week as there are some confusing and difficult energies around money and paperwork this week. Loans, insurance payouts and money from government sources are all highlighted this week, making a big difference for some.

Cancer Your relationship zone has a lot of action this week with serious Saturn moving back on Thursday as well as the Lunar eclipse and Full Moon occurring there on Sunday. Long standing issues may reach a peak and be sorted out after a breakthrough or sudden intuition brings insight and clarity.

Leo A fantastic time for returning to an old health or fitness routine, or perhaps resuming healthy eating after lockdown snacks. Your working and daily life are full of planetary energy and power at the moment, if you have been hoping for a positive change, now is a good time.

Virgo There may be some conflict between your friends and your love life this week. This may be as simple as having to choose who to spend time with or as complicated as dealing with jealousy from either side. Be patient and try not to take sides as things will calm down in a week or two.

Libra For some Librans this will see a home move, purchase or major event in your home and family life. Good luck and major change may come on Tuesday, while the eclipse and full Moon on Sunday sees a wonderful time for family and friends to share happy moments and make memories.

Scorpio Old issues and worries may crop up again this week, changing your approach or trying to see things from the other persons perspective may help bring about the breakthrough you hope for. Avoid signing legal contracts or paperwork for a few weeks as there may be some confusion or surprises.

Sagittarius Another wonderful week for money especially as lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto unite in your finance zone on Tuesday bringing possible wins and good fortune to Sagittarius people. Think carefully before taking on any shared purchases or commitments with other people.

Capricorn An old issue or problem may come back into your life to be resolved once and for all this week. Other people may give you the insight you need as your relationship zone is on fire with thoughts and answers. The Lunar eclipse and Full Moon will bring you emotional fulfillment.

Aquarius This is a week of dreams, psychic intuition and hunches as your subconscious zone is lit up like a Christmas tree all week. You may find answers to your problems through meditation and taking time out from worry rather than by endlessly thinking and talking about them.

Pisces This is a fantastic week for romance – especially If you are single. Avoid misunderstandings and confusion by thinking through what you want to say to someone before you speak. Friendships and your social groups will be a highlight over the coming week or so.


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