Your Weekly Stars 3 May 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries A good week for money as long as you plan for the future and keep your options open. So don’t make any big commitments or investments until you have worked out what you want to do for the foreseeable future, as something that seems like a good idea now may end up feeling a burden.

Taurus Try to avoid being too stubborn with others as if you decide to butt heads the whole issue could become very drawn out and difficult. Instead use the positive Venus energies on Thursday and Saturday to build bridges and use tact and charm to get what you want. Money is looking positive after the weekend.

Gemini Wait until after Tuesday before having any major discussions or signing contracts as communication planet Mercury enters your sign then, bringing clarity and the right words. In-laws may cause a headache or two especially if they are the type to work behind the scenes or secretly.

Cancer You may be looking hard for answers or solutions but as cliché as it sounds, most of what you need is already within you – you just need some peace and quiet to be able to tune into it. A good time for introducing a new romantic interest to your social group, though others will find love through their friends.

Leo Your best luck this week will come from being able to turn a situation which seemed negative on the surface, into a success for you. This may happen at work or with a tricky person in your life – either way through quick thinking and saying the right things you will come out on top.

Virgo Things may be slow at work which will give you time to relax for a change but will also make the days feel longer than usual. Going out on the weekend – either with friends or family – will bring an added energy boost and for single Virgo’s could see you meeting someone who really takes your interest.

Libra If you have been feeling under the weather or low in energy this week should see that begin to change. A healthy diet and balanced routine will work wonders if you can find the motivation. A wonderful week for investments or for just getting advice about where to next on your financial goals.

Scorpio This is your last week for the year with romantic and loving Venus in your relationship zone, so if you are looking for love or want to deepen your connection with your partner now is your chance. Some may be forced to make a difficult choice between their partner and their family or children.

Sagittarius A past project or interest may come back to life and be revived this week. Perhaps this is an old hobby that you now have more time for – or it may occur at work where you get the chance to finish an assignment or project that had been shelved due to outside circumstances. Money is looking good.

Capricorn This is a good week for letting go of people situations and circumstances that no longer serve you or bring you joy. Hanging onto what has been will only block you in other areas, so let go and embrace the future. Money matters will begin to pick up and improve – especially if you are self-employed.

Aquarius For those Aquarians who are looking to get out of a personal commitment or want to end a legal or business contract, luck will be on your side this week. Being truthful and explaining your circumstances will help smooth over any sore feelings and leave the door open to new opportunities in future.

Pisces An unexpected call or visitor may brighten up your week – especially if you have romantic feelings for this person. For some the idea of moving to a new area or even just a new home may feel very appealing. Do your research as if you choose wisely it the change could be very good for you.

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