• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 30 May 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

While you are there you can sign up free to my Member’s Community and receive a welcome gift of a Relaxation audio and a 20-page e-book 5 Ways to Increase Your Intuition followed by weekly horoscopes, Moon Reports and psychic features direct to your inbox. All completely free to join and no spam ever! www.stargold.com.au/mailinglist-landing-page Aries Some good financial news is likely this week or perhaps you will be ready to move ahead and make changes which will have a positive benefit financial benefit for you. A big week for thinking and planning as the New Moon hits off your communication and mind zone.

Taurus Communication planet Mercury is going direct again on Friday in your sign, making your thoughts and talking with others a lot easier. Best to leave any big discussions or plans until after then. You may need to go back and finish off some old business in your career before you can move forwards.

Gemini The New Moon in your sign on Monday brings about a fresh start for you and in many ways is like your own personal New Year. Mercury moving forwards and a Gemini New Moon all point to this being a time for thinking things through rather than rushing in and acting on impulse.

Cancer A commitment you made a little while ago – possibly financial – could be a bit of a burden this week as you really have better things to spend your money on than bills and loan repayments. A new idea may come to you which will help you move forwards, just keep quiet for now.

Leo An old problem from the past may rear up its head in your relationships this week. Issues around commitment and security will be important but mostly it is time for you to talk about what is really bugging you. Your friendship zone is highlighted by the New Moon on Monday.

Virgo The New Moon in your career and public reputation zone may give you the boost you need if you are looking to step up the professional ladder or just have some untrue gossip about you put to rest. An old health issue may return this week, especially if you have not been sensible.

Libra Some positive financial news may come to you this week, especially if it is to do with loans being approved or paid off in full. A fresh start is likely for those Librans who think outside the box with the New Moon on Monday, but for others their children may create more responsibility.

Scorpio Chatty Mercury moves forwards again in your relationship zone on Friday making communication with the one you love and everyone else a lot easier. Although you may want to close the door on something and end matters, you may find you have to go back and sort things out first.

Sagittarius The New Moon in your relationship zone on Monday is likely to bring about a fresh start within an existing relationship and for singles a new long-lasting love is entirely possible. A good time for you to think things through very carefully and be wary what you sign up for.

Capricorn It may feel like the bad old days in your finances this week as restrictive Saturn moves retrograde in your money zone. Budgets and cutting spending will all help to relieve the pressure. Some positive luck is likely through the New Moon hitting off your good fortune zone on Monday.

Aquarius Now is not a good time for pushing forwards or making new starts as serious restrictive Saturn in your sign is going retrograde and this means that you will need to finish off old business from the past before you will be able to move ahead. There will be family discussions and decisions.

Pisces An old issue from the past may resurface in your dreams or through being reminded of something or someone who was harmful to you. Now is a good time for going back in your mind and letting go of the pain – it may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it before long.