• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 30 November 2020

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Aries This is a big week for getting things down on paper, making agreements and getting your ideas and plans straight for the future. Some news from far away may bring happiness and possibly the end of something that has been a worry for some time. Your finances are looking good.

Taurus Your finances will go through a major change this week, with some receiving some unexpected but very welcome cash. Others may find a bill is larger than you thought, making you sit down and take control once and for all. A great time for paperwork around investments or superannuation.

Gemini The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign on Monday will bring a time where you can assess what has gone before and whether you want to continue with it or not. Emotions may be running high as you make a decision about something which has been a problem for you for some time.

Cancer There may some news or information about your place of work and the way things are managed there. Expect some adjustments or a new project to come your way. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your subconscious zone may bring strange dreams and flashes of intuition and insight.

Leo This isn’t the best time for you to push ahead and force issues. Instead use this down time to rest and relax, but also to think about your long-term future while enjoying the present. Take the time to really appreciate what you have, and you may find that you don’t need as much as you thought.

Virgo This is a big week for your career and public reputation. You are likely to have some good news about work or a matter you have been working towards for a long time. Perhaps you will get the promotion or pay rise that you’ve been hoping for. Relationships should be stable and happy.

Libra The Full Moon and lunar eclipse could leave you feeling feeling quite emotional as you can’t help but pick up on the hidden feelings and undercurrents between the people around you. This is a good week to hide away from the world and nurture yourself as other people’s dramas aren’t worth it.

Scorpio The Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your passion zone may fire up your love life on Monday, while shared money and investments may be abundant. Home and family will bring you a lot of happiness, you may even consider doing some decorating or buying something beautiful for your home.

Sagittarius Chatty Mercury moves into your sign on Tuesday, helping you to talk things over and find clarity after the Full Moon and lunar eclipse hits your relationship zone on Monday. Some relationships may go through a crisis or major fight as things come out which have been kept quiet for some time.

Capricorn This is an action-packed week with lots going on for you personally and in your relationships. This is a great time for thinking positively about the future with a bit more optimism, also for making practical plans to make them happen. Your work and daily routine may be disrupted early on.

Aquarius The Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your romance and creativity zone could bring a new romantic interest into your life, or perhaps a friend or acquaintance will introduce you to someone new when you least expect it. A great week for getting out and about and meeting new people.

Pisces This will be a very romantic week for some Pisces people as dreamy Neptune in your sign is contacted by loving and romantic Venus, bringing strong emotions and new love. Your home life may undergo a major upheaval in the beginning of the week as everyone’s emotions burst out.