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Your Weekly Stars 31 January 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Your career or business will take up a lot of time and energy this week, but you will be making progress and the pay offs should be starting to roll in. You may feel unsupported by a friend or partner as they are always unavailable when you need practical support. A calm talk should help things.

Taurus A new element will enter your life this week which will break the stalemate on a situation which you have felt little control over. This may be getting a firm yes or no to your hopes or plans and whether you will have the go ahead or not. At least you will know where you stand at last.

Gemini Friday is showing to be the best day to speak your mind and get your ideas across to others, especially loved ones. If you can keep your mind on the big picture and not get caught up in minor details, you will find this week a lot more relaxing. Many things that worry you will sort themselves out in time.

Cancer There is some good news coming your way this week. It may be that an official approves an application, or you are granted a loan – however it turns out it will make you happy and allow you to make progress on your dreams. For some this will be a time where you receive news of a windfall or inheritance.

Leo Calm communication is the answer to most of your problems this week, especially in your closest relationships as chatty Mercury goes direct in your relationship zone on Friday. Instead of being stubborn, listen to what is being said to you as they really do have your best interests at heart.

Virgo There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be just right for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around and it is in your day to day working life where it seems to be the most active. A great time for writing job applications.

Libra This week is all about walking the walk after a few weeks of ideas and talking. Taking control of your bills will take a big weight off your mind. It may be easier for you to sleep and unwind after the New Moon on Monday when the planets begin to give your mind and thoughts a bit of peace and quiet.

Scorpio The focus for this week is on the unfoldment of what you have already started. Remember to be grateful for what you have already rather than yearning for what is yet to come. Celebrate the little victories and they will give you the strength if things are not going so well. Love and romance are highlighted

Sagittarius Expect a lot of calls, messages, and activity as communication planet Mercury moves direct again on Friday. Make sure that you get some down time to recharge your batteries especially on Tuesday when your energy levels may be a bit flatter than usual. Loving and romantic messages are indicated.

Capricorn This week is all about bringing your financial dreams out into the world and starting to act on them. Life will start to speed up after Tuesdays New Moon, bringing a boost of energy and confidence. Save the big discussions until Friday as you will be much clearer about what it is you really want then.

Aquarius The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday will bring some things to an end but will open up new possibilities. The focus for this week is on you the individual – separate from your roles as spouse, parent, worker etc. Time to think about your dreams and how to fulfil them without impacting what you have.

Pisces You may be considering a major change to your life or work, which will require a lot of honesty and consideration of others if it is to go smoothly. Be courageous as change is showing very strongly for Pisces at the moment and it will lead you onto rebirth and a new, fresh way of life if you let it.


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