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Your Weekly Stars 31 May 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries Expect a lot of calls, messages, and mental activity this week. You may have to make some serious decisions and the help of a practical and grounded friend may be invaluable for helping you find the right path. Your home and family life are looking very happy and pleasurable all week.

Taurus You maybe searching for clarity or truth about someone or something – especially if your heart says one thing and your mind is telling you something else. Perhaps just leaving things to rest for a week or two will help to give you the perspective you need. Money matters are looking good.

Gemini You may be looking for answers and trying to sort things out – some quiet time or meditation will really help you with this. There may be some changes to your daily routine which could come about through a lucky set of circumstances which eases off pressure and allows you to relax.

Cancer Loving and romantic Venus moves into your sign on Thursday bringing a phase of pleasure, happiness, and love. Friday may bring some good luck to some – especially if you have been waiting for something to come through. Avoid power struggles or being too domineering on the weekend.

Leo The advice for this week is don’t bite off more than you can chew in your passion and drive to get ahead and move forward. Taking things step by step and making slow and steady progress will serve you better in the long run – especially if you need to balance out family responsibilities or health concerns.

Virgo There may be some concerns about a family members health and wellbeing – especially if they have been feeling run down or low in energy for some time. Communications may become a bit confused or unreliable over the weekend as Neptune causes chaos with your ability to express yourself clearly.

Libra You may be pleasantly surprised when a long-standing debt is repaid to you. This may come in the form of cash but is likely to come through good karma and the generosity of others in helping you achieve what you want. A sudden hit of inspiration may develop into a possible new path.

Scorpio Unsettled conditions and insecurity within your relationships may begin to ease off and become more stable and comfortable this week. A lot of things which have caused you stress will begin to work themselves out of their own accord if you let go and don’t try to force situations or solutions.

Sagittarius Letters messages and calls – not to mention paperwork and documents are going to need your attention this week. You just need to be very careful and thorough with everything as there are some extremely confusing and misleading energies affecting all documents and words.

Capricorn The big romance and pleasure planet is moving into your relationship zone on Thursday which should see the beginning of a happy and romantic time for all of your one-on-one relationships. Discipline in your spending will bring rewards and the ability to move ahead or perhaps reducer your work hours.

Aquarius This is a week for reaping the rewards of your past work and efforts and for being disciplined and controlled about your health – which may include changes to your diet or exercise habits. An old friend or lover may call or get in contact – enjoy the memories but don’t take it any further.

Pisces Your thinking could be muddled, and you may be troubled by feelings of unease and uncertainty about someone or something that doesn’t feel right during this week. Talk your concerns through with a trusted friend or your partner and try not to stress about things which may never happen.

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