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Your Weekly Stars 7 December 2020

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, which will make you feel pretty proud of yourself and confident about taking on new challenges. You will have a lot of paperwork to process at work, but it seems that you will soon get in the flow. Enjoy quiet and peaceful romantic times if you can.

Taurus This is a good week to make investments with a friend or lover as your stars for joint finances are fantastic. Put any extra money in a high interest account to save for something big – or pay off your plastic and stress less. Romance is highlighted over the weekend, so make sure you spend it with your love.

Gemini Trying to please everyone and putting your own needs last is a recipe for disaster this week. While compromise and give and take are a part of life, you should not compromise what is really important to you. Honestly communicating to find a middle ground will bring success.

Cancer This will be a very social week, with lots of parties and family gatherings to entertain you. Romance is looking very good for singles, so expect to meet someone who sets your heart racing. Keep the mood light and casual as now is not the time for being too intense in love – unless you are settled down already.

Leo Some good news could brighten your spirits and make you smile over the course of this week. It may be that someone you have lost touch with will come back into your life or you reconnect emotionally with your partner. There may be some good financial news or possibly a package arriving in the mail shortly.

Virgo This week heralds a new beginning, possibly one you have mixed feelings about. Try to focus on the positives of your situation, rather than moaning about the negatives, as your attitude will really influence your luck at this time. Your love life is looking good, especially if you are in a long-term relationship.

Libra This is a great week for talking things over with your loved ones, clearing up past misunderstandings and making plans for the future. Communication with others is highlighted all round so make the most of it. You will be able to make people understand your point of view at last which will bring relief.

Scorpio Confusion about your career direction will start to clear this week as a new acquaintance introduces you to some different possibilities. Keep your eyes open for opportunities as your dream job could be closer than you think. Don’t tell the world about your plans though, as the time isn’t right yet.

Sagittarius This is one of the best times for your sign to share your mind and ideas as Mercury, planet of communication moves through your sign this week. If you have ever thought about writing about your life experiences or something you are passionate about, now is a great time to start.

Capricorn Your subconscious zone is highlighted this week so pay close attention to your intuition as your hunches are likely to be proven correct. Some money you have waited for will arrive, which will soon be spent on something you really want. The stars are excellent for singles finding romance.

Aquarius Sometimes you just have to accept that other people’s wishes have to come first and this week is one of them. The payoff will be making your family or loved one appreciate you more than ever - so don’t let stubbornness get in the way. An excellent week for travelling, especially with friends.

Pisces A family member may be a source of irritation or just be a burden to you this week. Although there is a lot of love there, you need peace and freedom to be yourself right now. Try to find some quiet time for yourself where you can recharge your batteries and relax before picking up the load again.

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