Your Weekly Stars 4 January 2021

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Aries Dynamic, high energy planet Mars is leaving your sign after a long six month stay – giving you the opportunity to wind down and relax a bit. Your career is highlighted with important news and attracting positive attention for your work both being likely. Great for couples and those in love.

Taurus Some careful thought and planning now will make the future run much more smoothly than if you just rush in impatiently. Be careful that you don’t hurt a loved one’s feelings by being too harsh or thoughtless with your words, as a short burst of anger may take a long time to heal and recover from.

Gemini You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who unknowingly provides the key ingredient or idea needed to move your life onto the next stage. The advice for this week is to keep quiet about a plan until you know it will go ahead. This is especially true if you are thinking about moving house or changing job.

Cancer Romantic Venus enters your relationship zone on Friday bringing with her love and pleasure at the good things in your life. A fantastic time for spending quality time with the one you love or if you are single consider letting down your protective defences and allow someone special to get closer.

Leo Mercury – the planet of communication and paperwork is entering your relationship zone on Friday, making this a fantastic time for talking through any issues you may have with each other or with life in general. You may find that sharing like this resolves lingering doubts or insecurities.

Virgo A romance may deepen into a serious relationship this week. It seems that having ‘the talk’ will bring you closer together. For those already in committed relationships, this is a great week for making plans for the future together, especially if you are considering a house move or purchase.

Libra This is an excellent week for sending out job applications and taking steps to improve your standing in the world. If you aren’t in paid employment you may still get some unexpected praise or recognition for something you have done in the past. Your zone of family life is under good planetary influences.

Scorpio Mars enters your relationship zone on Thursday, and you may need to be patient with your partner as it seems that they have a lot on their mind or a busy schedule making them a bit cranky. There are good stars for picking up a bargain, particularly through garage sales or locally online.

Sagittarius There is good news on the money front this week, especially if you are starting a new business, job or budget plan. You may find yourself changing your mind about someone or something which will be a positive development and open up opportunities for your future goals.

Capricorn Loving and romantic Venus enters your sign on Friday as chatty Mercury leaves. Focus on your heart and not your head during this week as it is likely to bring you more happiness and contentment long term – especially if you are worrying about things that might never happen.

Aquarius Mercury the big communicator and ruler of thoughts and the mid is moving into your sign on Friday, which brings the beginning of a month or so where you can really get your plans for the future and any paperwork or organizing done. Don’t overthink things or worry too much.

Pisces At work and maybe at home, you will feel as though others don’t fully understand what you are trying to get across to them. You may be looking for answers in your personal life, but you have some unsettling planetary influences at the moment, so hang in there and it will be fine.

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