Your Weekly Stars 5 April 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries This is a great week for all things to do with your friends and like-minded groups and organisations. It may be that you make the decision to join a group devoted to a social or perhaps political or charity cause. Deciding to do something constructive, rather than just complaining or feeling powerless, will be rewarding.

Taurus There is a need for freedom and finding new positive energy this week. You may feel a little detached from your loved ones and daily life, but don’t worry as this will soon pass. The planets are saying that you need more freedom in your day to day life so you can have more opportunities to be your true self.

Gemini The focus for this week is on strength of character, stamina, courage and self-discipline. You may feel tested by people or events at times, but you will come through with your head held high if you stay focused on what is important to you. For some, an old friend or admirer may come back into your life.

Cancer Your personal values may be put to the test this week, but it seems that you will stand firm for what you believe in and will prove that you are right. Around mid-week money matters will raise their head, either a bill will arrive, or you will make some sensible decisions about your budget that will bring security.

Leo This week is all about bringing your private plans and dreams out into the world and starting to act on them. This is especially true if you are focused on your career or business. Save the big discussions until after Friday as you will be much clearer then about what it is you really want.

Virgo This is not a good week for pushing for a solution at work or trying to get your own way at home. Try to leave any confrontations until later when the energies are less explosive. Patience and seeing the other person’s point of view will get you a lot further than getting angry or making big demands.

Libra A romance may deepen into a serious committed relationship this week. It seems that having ‘the talk’ will bring you closer together – especially if you play it cool. For those already in committed relationships, this is a great week for making plans for the future together, especially if you are considering buying property.

Scorpio Worries about a close friend will be eased this week when they call to say they have a new job or lover and are happy again. Some of your recent financial stress will come to an end, but you will still have to be careful about spending for another month or so. A family member may surprise you with wonderful news.

Sagittarius Try not to let little irritations get under your skin this week, even though you are feeling a bit more sensitive than usual. Problems with transport may cause delays and eat into your spending money – perhaps your car will need repairing or a speeding fine will cost you. Try meditating to clear your mind and clam you down.

Capricorn Although there may be some confusing moments at times this week, if you follow your intuition and maybe the advice of a trusted friend, you will be able to see things more clearly. A long-distance relationship will feel intensely romantic and perfect for some. Just take things slowly and don’t rush into anything.

Aquarius Make sure you check all the fine print and don’t sign anything this week unless you are completely sure that you understand it. Keep things simple when trying to explain your feelings to others, there are some faulty communication energies showing and this may cause confusion. Excellent stars for love and happiness.

Pisces This should be a happy and harmonious week for you. One of your dreams may take a step closer to becoming a reality, which will make you feel very excited. You may be feeling more spiritual or psychic at the moment due to the influence of Neptune, planet of dreams, mysteries and spirituality in your sign.