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Your Weekly Stars 5 February 2024

Your Weekly Stars 5 February 2024

Aries A big week for all of your dealings with friends and any groups you may be involved with – including online. Use healthy boundaries with a friend who oversteps the mark and/or hurts your feelings with thoughtless words – it may just be due to you both having very different values now.


Taurus Career and your public reputation are highlighted this week, with the New Moon on the weekend starting off appositive cycle for those wanting a new job or completely career path. Long distance love affairs will be very happy and rewarding for those lovers who live far apart.


Gemini Thinking outside the box or looking for new solutions to old problems is a very positive way of using this week’s energies. Secret love affairs or infatuations could draw your attention away from the love and people that are already in your life so be careful. Money matters look good.


Cancer Venus, planet of love and harmony is in your relationship zone this week, bringing a glow of warmth to your closest relationships. Be careful with debt and financial commitments at this time, but you have wonderful stars for starting a healthy, new budget and savings system.


Leo The focus for this week is all about relationships and other people. You have the opportunity to make a fresh start with someone or find a new love under the influence of the New Moon – but for others it will be a matter of finding a compromise or workable solution to issues.


Virgo A great week for health – including getting to the bottom of an old or lingering issue and fixing it once and for all. You also have wonderful stars for all pets and small animals, which may see some bring a new fur baby into their lives. With family it may be best to say nothing for now.


Libra A wonderful week for romance and falling in love as the New Moon brings lots of fresh energy and luck to your romance zone. It is also a great time for being creative and expressing yourself – even if it is just privately writing down your thoughts or doing some craft or sewing.


Scorpio A good week for bringing outworn and toxic elements in your life to an end. It can be hard closing the door to a part of life, but you will be happier and freer as a result. This is especially true if it is an unhealthy habit that is dragging you down and costing you too much money.


Sagittarius Open your mind to new ways of thinking or looking at situations as you may find that things are better than you thought. You have positive stars for attracting the things you want and need to you – including money for some! Love and work are both looking good this week.


Capricorn Venus in your sign is making happy contacts with your romance zone this week, allowing single Capricorns a chance to attract someone new and interesting. Money matters are in a delicate state of balance, but some good news is likely to come before the week is over.


Aquarius A very big week for Aquarius with the New Moon on Saturday plus a lot of planetary action all week. Be careful what you say and how you say it – especially on Monday when communication planet Mercury enters your sign and collides with intense and powerful Pluto.


Pisces A big week for your spirituality and intuition as there is a lot of energy in your subconscious zone. Make sure you are listening to your intuition and not your fears -especially on Thursday. Looking for common ground with someone new will bring closeness and friendship.



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