• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 6 September 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries A great week for love and romance with Monday being an especially positive day for relationships and money too. Demands from your business or boss may create pressure on your time and peace of mind unless you can create some healthy boundaries around work, home and time for yourself.

Taurus Venus planet of love and harmony is moving into your relationship zone on Saturday making all of your one-on-one interactions easy and flowing – especially if you are coupled up. The New Moon on Tuesday in your romance zone bring a boost for singles looking for someone who is affectionate and caring.

Gemini Your career zone is highlighted this week and if you have been looking to get a new job or perhaps even change career path completely, this is a fantastic time to get the ball rolling. Friends and romance are intertwined for some, as either a friend introduces you to a new love, or an old friendship deepens into romance.

Cancer There may be some friction between your love and your family this week. Talking things over with everyone and providing reassurance where needed will smooth things over quickly. Shared money, investments and financial plans are under extremely positive energies, especially if you are just starting out.

Leo Your financial zone is highlighted by Tuesday’s New Moon, bringing a fantastic opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start a new, disciplined savings and budgeting plan. Your home life will be blessed by the presence of Venus in your home and family zone, bringing harmony, affection, and peace.

Virgo The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday brings a fresh start and new beginning to all Virgos, it can be seen as your personal New Year. Things you begin now will be planting seeds for your future – so think carefully about what you put your energy into as it will grow and blossom whether it is a good idea or not!

Libra This should be a happy and positive week as good planetary energies are flowing around your sign, with Monday being especially lucky. Venus moves into your financial zone on Saturday attracting money and good fortune to you and helping you to connect with people who share your values.

Scorpio Venus planet of love and romance is moving into your sign on Saturday, bringing warmth and affection for couples and the potential for a new love interest for singles. The New Moon on Tuesday in your friends and groups zone making this a great time for joining groups, networking and being with friends.

Sagittarius You will be too busy to take any garbage from anyone this week and will be more interested in enjoying some peace and happiness away from drama. You could be under a fair bit of pressure to produce the goods on time at work, just don’t take your frustration out on those closest to you.

Capricorn Pluto, the big, intense transformer has been moving through your sign for many years, creating a wonderful opportunity for letting go of the past and rebirth and renewal. This week you will be given the opportunity to let go of an issue related to self-worth, especially the kind of love you deserve and need.

Aquarius The New Moon is falling in your passion and intimacy zone on Tuesday – bringing the beginning of a sizzling fling if you are single or the rekindling of desire within long term relationships. Your career is highlighted after Saturday, as positive energy makes you liked and appreciated by superiors and clients.

Pisces The New Moon in your relationship zone on Tuesday brings an opportunity to start over and make a new start within any one-on-one relationship that has been feeling a bit battered and dragged down. A new approach, communication style or seeing things from a different perspective will break negative patterns.