Your Weekly Stars 7 June 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries A big week for ideas and for starting afresh on something you had lost interest in or were too busy to keep up with. Paperwork and documents are showing to be important for you, but as Mercury is retrograde in your communication zone right now, take the time to double check before you sign.

Taurus Your financial zone is lit up like a Christmas tree this week, with the New Moon and Eclipse bringing a new beginning in your money and values zone. A fantastic time for starting a new budget or setting a saving goal to help you pay off debt or buy something big you have wanted for a long time.

Gemini The New Moon and eclipse in your sign on Thursday will bring an opportunity for you to make a fresh start in an area of your life which has become a little stale or boring. Financially things are looking up with the possibility of a n unexpected windfall or bonus coming to you over the weekend.

Cancer Active and dynamic Mars leaves your sign on Friday bringing some peace and quiet to your life and allowing you the space to rest and relax. Behind the scenes you may feel as though it is time to bring something to an end or to give up on someone who is nothing but trouble to you.

Leo Friends and social groups will be important to you this week, with new friendships and connections indicated for some. The New Moon and Eclipse is in your zone of hopes and wishes meaning that a long-term dream may lose its appeal, but a new, better suited goal may take its place.

Virgo Your career is highlighted this week, with plenty of new beginnings and fresh starts happening to your working life. Applying for new jobs or perhaps changing career entirely will be successful and appealing for some. Restless sleep and irritation may cause a few background troubles.

Libra You will succeed in overcoming a difficult situation this week, making you feel proud and confident about taking on new challenges. There is a lot of paperwork to process at work, but things should run smoothly. The New Moon and Eclipse may give some Librans itchy feet and the urge to travel.

Scorpio The New Moon and Eclipse may bring a pleasant surprise from someone who unknowingly provides the key ingredient or idea needed to move your life onto the next stage. This may be a legal expert or finance professional who can give you good advice and empowerment to move ahead.

Sagittarius The New Moon and Eclipse falling in your relationship zone on Thursday will bring a new beginning and fresh start to existing long term loves for some, while for single Sagittarians any relationship which starts around this time is likely to become a serious and long-lasting connection.

Capricorn Now is a fantastic time for you to start a new health or wellbeing kick, as the New Moon and Eclipse falls in your zone of health and daily habits on Thursday. This could provide the energy and oomph to make a serious commitment to being healthy – especially if that involves giving up a bad habit.

Aquarius Mars moving into your relationship zone on Friday will bring passion and excitement into your closest partnerships, but it may also cause irritability and upset if you get too pushy with each other. Singles may have more luck with the New Moon and Eclipse lighting up your romance zone.

Pisces The New Moon and Eclipse on Thursday may bring something in your life to an end, but don’t worry as this is only so that something new can take its place, bringing more growth and happiness to you. Your working life may take an upward swing and become very busy over the coming weeks.

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