Your Weekly Stars 8 March 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

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Aries The New Moon and lots of planetary activity in your subconscious zone makes this an excellent week for tapping into your intuition, having a reading, or starting meditation and exploring your spirituality that way. Count to ten rather than verbally blow up if someone tests your patience.

Taurus It is important to finish off what you have started before taking on anything new this week. After Thursday you will find things flow more smoothly with other people, so be patient until then. Try to take a long-term view of minor problems in your relationship and ride through the bumpy times.

Gemini Your career zone is where it is all happening this week. New beginnings, confusion and perhaps a secret office crush are all likely, just don’t do or say anything until a few weeks have passed as things are way too unclear to make decisions right now. Your love life is looking quite healthy and happy.

Cancer You may be feeling a little restless and wanting to get out of a rut this week, due to the influence of dynamic Mars in your subconscious zone. This may be most noticeable at work where the daily grind is getting boring – or it may be your relationship has become stale. Practice gratitude and you will feel better.

Leo Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. An excellent time for exploring your options for study and training as now is a good time to broaden your horizons.

Virgo Your relationship zone is full of planetary energy this week as the New Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Sun all unite and spread their magic through your love life. Beware of confusion and suspicion causing trouble, as you may feel that someone isn’t being completely honest with you.

Libra This is an excellent time for making new plans and starting projects – in fact all new beginnings are under favourable stars this week. Things are also looking good for romance, although there may some confusion as to whether they really like you or not before you can get started.

Scorpio Your romance zone is highlighted this week by loving and romantic Venus and the New Moon on Saturday. Great for singles as it is likely to draw someone interesting to you, but for others it will bring about some very romantic and special times together. Some welcome if unexpected news about a pregnancy is likely.

Sagittarius The New Moon on Saturday makes this a great week for ending one phase of your life and opening the door to something new and rewarding. This may happen in your personal or professional life. Don’t be frightened of change, it can be a good thing, especially if it lets you be more your true self.

Capricorn This is a great week for talking through your thoughts and worries with your loved one. It may be that they are able to give you some good advice, or perhaps if it is their behaviour that is the problem, they will listen to you and fix it. Making plans and writing to-do lists will help you to stay organised and feel motivated.

Aquarius The New Moon on Saturday brings a chance for a fresh start and renewal. There may be an opportunity to go back and complete some unfinished business with someone who was once very important to you. This may occur face to face or may just happen in your mind and feelings, resolving past hurt.

Pisces The New Moon on Saturday plus loving Venus and the Sun uniting with dreamy spiritual Neptune, make this week a good one for love and romance, spirituality and also getting in touch with your inner self. Home life may be hectic and demanding at times but try to keep your cool with loved ones.

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