• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 9 November 2020

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Aries Fiery, active Mars stops being retrograde and begins a forward movement in your sign on Saturday. This could well inspire you to get more active or push ahead on things which have fallen by the wayside in recent months. Venus in your relationship zone will bring good times just don’t get too intense.

Taurus This is a big week for all of your relationships with others. The New Moon on Sunday will bring a new start and perhaps a new relationship to some while dealing with current or future in-laws are favourable. Communication will improve after Tuesday so leave heart to hearts until then.

Gemini Things will begin to move forwards for you, and you should get some good news before the week is over. A fantastic time for beginning new jobs or a new routine in your day to day life. If you are considering joining forces with someone financially make sure everything is clear cut and gives you equal power.

Cancer This could be a really big week for your relationships as lucky Jupiter combines with intense Pluto in your relationship zone on Friday. This can bring big changes and hopefully some good luck to your love life. Try not to get jealous or over the top as things could spiral out of control quite easily.

Leo Take good care of your health over the coming week and be careful not to overindulge in good food and drink as it is likely to make you ill. Your home and family life are beginning a new phase with some moving to a new home or making an offer on a home they want to buy.

Virgo This is a positive week for your financial state, and you may even receive a nice gift unexpectedly. Talking and communicating with others is highlighted with chatty Mercury moving into your communication zone on Tuesday while thinking and planning long term is helped by the New Moon on Sunday.

Libra Things could get a little fiery if you decide to get into a battle of wills with the one you love this week. Compromise and using the harmonious Venus energies flowing through your sign at present will give you a better result. A great time for starting a new budget or financial plan for your future.

Scorpio The New Moon in your sign on Sunday will bring a new phase of life to you and is like your own personal New Year. A great time for assessing how far you have come since this time last year